Bridging the gap between the everyday and the spiritual with thoughts, emotions, energy and real-life tools - to remember who we really are.

Photo credit: judy Beedle

Photo credit: judy Beedle

Soulful Work was born in January 2016 as the concoction of Rachel Horton White.  An intuitive counselor, teacher, metaphysical seeker and writer, Rachel is wife to an incredible man and mother, guide and pal to two energetic, bright-eyed, young children in Portland, Maine. Rachel works with people seeking their true, inner selves by accessing thoughts, energy and higher guidance as part of the massive shift in our planet now. In Rachel's ideal world, people are aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness. Rachel is a member of the International Coach Federation. 

If you're interested in a new monthly membership program, including an 8-week online course, a private virtual community and live/virtual group workshops, please get in touch to apply!

Why isn't it working? You're just looking for a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life. You might have spiritual practices already like yoga, visualization or meditation. But they haven't been enough to get you where you want to be. You know that you're here on Earth for a reason, that you have a gift to share with the world. 

You simply want to find career you love, meet your soul partner, have a child of your own, sleep better, rediscover yourself in retirement, or just start living a life of abundance (instead of financial lack). There is a way. It's about finding out who we really are, as spiritual beings in our human selves. The rest is all kind of magical.

Greetings.... I'm Rachel. I tried a new approach and it transformed my life. Now I share this all with you. Hope you'll come check it out. 


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