We are much more than we've been taught. 

We are powerful beings with hidden gifts that can help heal our world. It starts with our inner selves!

Come uncover your unique soul contributions and how to fully express them!

Prior to coming to Rachel, I was convinced I was about to be divorced for my 2nd time. My life was filled with stress, yelling and tears. I was physically ill and unable to run my business. After my time with Rachel, I am happy to say my marriage is better than ever, I am feeling physically better and have started a new business! I could not have accomplished any of that without Rachel’s help teaching me to quiet my mind and add meditation to find peace and have a grateful heart. Rachel does transform lives!
— C.H.
Working with Rachel has been such a gift! I feel as though words can’t really express the level of gratitude I feel towards not only Rachel, but to the Universe for facilitating our connection (as well as the connections made in our very special group). Incredible! Diving into the dark, healing and embracing my higher self has changed my life forever and moved me towards a path I could only have dreamed, existed. The incredible light she shares, truly changes our lives and world for the better. Rachel makes a difference simply by embracing who she is and the light she embodies. I am so excited to continue to dive deep and expand (even when it’s difficult), so that I too, can be a source of light and love in this beautiful world. ‘And so it will be.’
— H.D.

An intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and writer, Rachel Horton White works with people seeking to become their true selves using the power of thought, energy and higher guidance as part of the massive shift in our planet now. She remembers the day she came home from work, having little energy left for her children and feeling generally exhausted with life, and decided to make a change. She started practicing meditation again, connecting with higher guidance (especially angels), and awakening her intuition. She now offers intuitive coaching, guided meditation/imagery, Akashic Records/Tarot readings and soon hypnotherapy. In Rachel's ideal world, people are aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness. 

 Photo by Judy Beedle

Photo by Judy Beedle