Our work together in the Soulful Work Framework:

When doing this work you undergo a transformation, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, into your soul essence. 

Much like the pattern of the hero’s journey,  this involves a separation from the protective shell of the Ego created in childhood to a new "version" of your true self, directly linked to your soul.  

This takes patience and dedication, but when you are in this new flow, it can feel exhilarating!

We are working on three levels: 1) with your conscious mind (coaching, goal-setting, writing), 2) with your subconscious (guided imagery, meditation, hypnotherapy) and 3) with the superconscious (intuitive readings, light).

You will learn to change your thought patterns, create new, positive habits and feel a sense of purpose and meaning in all that you do, such as through these 12 Steps for Everyday Living.

You are reconnecting with who you really are, and answering the call to share your unique gifts with the world for our collective healing. 

You may even experience what is known as a “spiritual awakening,” a new understanding of reality as you know it, seeing through illusions and feeling the interconnectedness of all things.