What to Expect in an Akashic Records Reading

Rachel is such a clear channel. The reading was extremely accurate and met me “where I’m at” in my current life experience. The specificity of detail in the reading, combine with Rachel’s gentle and compassionate presence, enabled me to trust, hear with open- ears, and be open to changing my ways. During this time of change (both on the world stage and in my personal life) the reading confirmed what I’m already feeling, enabling me to trust my own inner guidance. Furthermore, it helped me to recognize subconscious patterns I’ve been running for many years. Rachel provided me with tools to help clear the patterning, and welcomed me to tape the reading - which I’ve listened to a handful of times over the past week for further understanding and process work.
— K.G.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a soul-level consciousness, or "energetic library," containing an archive of all souls throughout existence and their journeys and emotions. Readings provide information about your soul, past lives and guidance for your path in this lifetime, including lessons to be learned, soul-level truth and soul purpose. 


What can I learn about in the Records?

It's best to come with an idea of what area in your life you seek guidance (relationship, career, health, finances, creativity, your soul gifts, etc). This guidance comes from your Masters who have been with you since your soul's inception, from Teachers and Loved Ones. 


How are Akashic Records readings different from "psychic" readings?

Akashic Records readings do not predict the future, rather they provide insight and guidance for you to come to your own understanding of what you are experiencing, like having a spiritual team of therapists. It's best to ask about what it most on your mind, and start with questions that are more basic and move up to the more in-depth ones. We cannot access the records of family/friends, but only learn more about your relationship with that person.


How can I prepare for my reading?

Please come prepared with questions ("how, why, what" questions work best) that you would like to have answered. There is no time in the records, so "when" questions do not receive clear answers. It's helpful to describe your day-to-day experience surrounding this situation, as energy moves upon the spoken word. 

We enter the records using your full current legal name. This is according to the Pathway Prayer Process©, as taught by Linda Howe.

You are welcome to audio record this session or take notes.

Booking a Reading:

You may book a short intuitive reading for 30 minutes or a full guidance session/intuitive reading for 1 hour.

After each session, we talk about action steps you will take, and I will send you a follow-up tool/meditation for “homework.”

Thank you again for last night’s session! It was so nice to spend time with you and Spirit in the Akashic Records! I have been filled with a sense of peace and validation ever since last night! I awoke today with a renewed sense of Purpose and Joy that permeates all I do! Thank you, Thank you for your reassuring guidance and amazing ability to access this sacred information!
— M.C.
“I’m very grateful for the session I had with Rachel. She definitely is a spiritual intuitive. She’s compassionate, a great communicator, and listener. Her spiritual understanding and of human nature is exceptional. She guided me through some very emotional and difficult problems I’ve been having. Thank you Rachel. May you be blessed.”
— P.B.