About Me


Hello! I'm Rachel. I'm an intuitive counselor, metaphysical teacher, Tarot reader, writer, angel intuitive, mother and wife.

I founded Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting to help others transform their lives, just like I did, by working with thoughts, emotions and energy. We do this by tapping into your soul purpose and combining practical, everyday tools in real language with higher guidance from a Divine realm.

These days I'm doing group coaching, intuitive guidance sessionsworkshops, writing articles and blog posts (and I've got a book in the works), interviewing people and doing guided meditations in my podcast, The Courageous Path, and in online classes

In my work with clients, I tap into my psychic senses to assist them in accessing higher guidance and into my skills as a goal-oriented, action-focused coach. I also am an angel intuitive, and like to connect with the high-vibration angelic energy in my own life and with clients. I believe in being open, honest and hopefully illuminating.

For most of my life, I was fascinated with extra-sensory perception. I would have dreams that would come true, and deceased friends would come to me in dreams asking me to convey messages to their loved ones. I studied Tarot cards and would practice with friends, but never thought I would make this work into a career!



Instead, I went into the non-profit field, after living abroad in Senegal made me want to give back to the world. I worked in the social service field for almost 15 years - creating and running (and tweaking) programs at various agencies. I got a couple of awards and some nice praise for doing this.

And I've had many jobs in between. I have been an English teacher in Mexico, a community college instructor, Congressional intern, shoe salesperson and door-to-door canvasser. I thrive on travel, doing yoga, analyzing dreams, communing with nature and playing with my kids.

But here's more of my story that led me to this work:

It wasn't until 2005, during a period of loneliness, that I began integrating meditation into my life.  I started learning how to use meditation as a tool to cope with grief and loss, and to break some of the patterns that had been holding me back in my life.  Out of sheer necessity and a desire to lift myself from this period of depression, I began practicing meditation and yoga regularly.

But even after that, I experienced for years a "stuck" feeling in my jobs feeling stressed, tired, helpless and frustrated. Here's the irony:  I had done yoga and meditation for years, none of it seemed to work when I showed up at work. I finally got tired of feeling like this and decided to do something about it.  

I hired a professional coach, Lael Jepson, who supported me in quieting my "inner critic" voice and taught me tools of her trade. Through stillness (otherwise known as meditation), I began listening to my intuition and asking the universe, and my Divine guides, for help.  And I started to receive. I realized what I had been doing to myself - that what I had been subconsciously doing internally was actually projecting out into my world.

I began to understand that our thoughts and emotions can actually affect our experience and even our environment. I began practicing monitoring my mind, and focusing on what I wanted in my job and in my everyday life, and began experiencing some incredible things.  

Metaphysical subjects, including yoga, meditation, and parapsychology, for over 20 years, had always been a passion of mine and then evolved into an intuitive and coaching practice for others. I have been mentored by Kathleen Swinbourne, a psychic medium in Portland, Maine, and have studied with Joanna MacyDoreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Like the intuition we all have,  always fascinating to me.  On the flip side, gathering information, making plans, taking action and achieving goals are important to me.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English from Wellesley College, a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a certificate in Non-Profit Management from the University of Georgia. I have lived in Dakar, Senegal and Guadalajara, Mexico - both of these countries and the people in them have helped shape who I am today. 

I now share my life purpose in helping people awaken to their Divine essence - to the powerful, spiritual beings that they truly are.

If we knew what we were capable of creating and doing in our own lives, we could experience a new and liberating way of thinking, being and experiencing our lives, and of healing the Earth and all of its beings.

With gratitude as always,

Rachel Horton White