What can your life be like?

Visualize this. You are living the live you're meant to be living.

You have a kind, loving partner. You have a career that is your soul purpose. Your body is strong and healthy. You live in nature and in a caring community. Your children (if you have them) are thriving. You have limitless abundance. You make the world better with your gifts. 

You feel excited, alive, brave, cleansed, transformed, healed, powerful, expansive and free.

When doing this work you undergo a transformation, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, into your soul essence. Much like the pattern of the hero’s journey,  this involves a separation from, and dissolution of the protective shell of the ego that carried you through childhood to open to a new "ego version" of your true, higher self, directly linked to your soul.  This takes patience and dedication, not an easy task!

You are reconnecting with who you really are, and answering your soul's call to share your unique gifts with the world for our collective healing. You may even experience what is known as a “spiritual awakening,” a new understanding of reality as you know it, seeing through illusions and feeling the deep interconnectedness of all things.  Welcome to a new, exhilarating flow!

About Me


Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting helps you uncover your unique soul gifts by supporting you in breaking subconscious patterns, releasing old fears and tapping into your innate intuition to guide you boldly forward.

Through the work of Rachel Horton White, we aim to teach and inspire people to listen to and trust their deep, inner selves to share their light with the world, in service of our collective healing and expanded consciousness.

Greetings! I'm Rachel. I founded Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting to help others shift their lives by working with thoughts, emotions and energy. I work with them on uncovering their soul purpose and combining practical, everyday tools with higher guidance from a Divine realm.

I assist expanding souls in accessing higher guidance and developing their intuition and connect with the high-vibration angelic energy. I am a truth-teller -  I draw on the inspiration of my grandfather Ralph McGehee in sharing the truth about his experience in the CIA (I interviewed him in my podcast). This instigated the beginning of an awakening for me, uncovering illusions and sharing truth about our reality and the deceptions and programming that have existed for thousands of years.

Now I read the Akashic Records (Advanced certification in the "Pathway Prayer Process"), and am a self-taught Tarot card reader. I am certified in Reiki Level I and Basic Integrated Energy Therapy and am currently in an 18-month hypnotherapy, mindfulness and guided imagery and intuitive angel guidance Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner diploma program with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

I use the techniques of meditation, visualization and of the law of attraction to help people co-create the highest and best version of themselves.

For most of my life, I was fascinated with extra-sensory perception. I would have dreams that would come true, and deceased friends would come to me in dreams asking me to convey messages to their loved ones.



Instead of pursing my intuitive side, I went into the non-profit field, after living abroad in Senegal made me want to give back to the world. I worked in the social service field for almost 15 years - creating and running (and tweaking) programs at various agencies. I got a couple of awards and some nice praise for doing this.

I also have been an English teacher in Mexico, a community college instructor, Congressional intern, shoe salesperson and door-to-door canvasser. I thrive on travel, doing yoga, analyzing dreams, communing with nature and playing with my kids.

It wasn't until 2005, during the painful end of a relationship, that I truly began integrating spirituality into my life.  I started learning how to use meditation as a tool to cope with grief and loss, and to break some of the patterns that had been holding me back in my life.  The book When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron (sent to me by my sister) saved me. Out of sheer necessity and a desire to lift myself from this period of depression, I began practicing meditation and yoga regularly.

But even after that, I experienced for years a "stuck" feeling in my jobs feeling stressed, tired, helpless and frustrated.  I had done yoga and meditation for years, none of it seemed to work when I showed up at work. I finally got tired of feeling like this and decided to do something about it.  

I hired a coach and began meditating again, listening to my intuition and asking the universe, and my Divine guides, for help.  And I started to receive. I realized what I had been doing to myself - that what I had been subconsciously doing internally was actually projecting out into my world.

 Photo credit: Anne Davis

Photo credit: Anne Davis

I began to understand that our thoughts and emotions can actually affect our experience and even our environment. I began practicing monitoring my mind, and focusing on what I wanted in my job and in my everyday life, and began experiencing some incredible things.  

Metaphysical subjects, including yoga, meditation, and parapsychology, for over 20 years, had always been a passion of mine and then evolved into an intuitive and coaching practice for others. I have learned from many wise teachers, coaches and mentors, in particular Lael Couper Jepson and Kathleen Swinbourne.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English from Wellesley College, a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a certificate in Non-Profit Management from the University of Georgia. I have lived in Dakar, Senegal and Guadalajara, Mexico - both of these countries and the people in them have helped shape who I am today. I have written articles for international online publications such as Wake Up World, Om Times and Elephant Journal.

I now see my life purpose as helping people awaken to their Divine essence - to the powerful, spiritual beings that they truly are.

If we knew what we were capable of creating and doing in our own lives, we could experience a new and liberating way of thinking, being and experiencing our lives, and of healing the Earth and all of its beings.

With gratitude as always,