Life coaching is an effective way to create new habits, thinking patterns and approach to each moment in your life. 

The coaching I offer is a blend of practical and intuitive guidance, rooted in spiritual wisdom and in her intuition, to support your development as a multi-faceted, luminous human in a fast-paced world.  

With a foot in both metaphysical and practical worlds, I support you in taking action to develop your own intuition and access higher guidance.

By diving into the external issues and internal “stuck” feelings holding you back with tools like writing and visualization, you move toward an vision of how you want to be, feel and experience your life. 

I offer life coaching through:

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What is coaching like with Rachel?

My approach blends the metaphysical with the practical, the spiritual with the everyday, and my own life experience with my studies in personal development, life coaching and parapsychology.  

Intuitive guidance/coaching work with me is based on diving in deep to the thoughts, emotions and energy, and developing goal-oriented abilities to access the higher self to guide us through life. I blend my own intuitive guidance and connection with Divine Source with a Co-Active Coaching model.

You have free will as you move through life, but there is also divine will (which comes from your soul’s deciding on what lessons to learn in life). We balance these two aspects of life in our sessions together. You will be learning and opening, and you will be experimenting and taking action. 

Some sessions are more concrete and action-oriented, moving you forward, while other sessions may focus on exploring what is hidden deep within your subconscious and what might not always feel easy.

My roots around quieting the mind and consciousness are in Shambhala Buddhism, and in other meditation techniques I have practiced over the years.  The practical tools for stillness in everyday life are rooted in the works of people like Pema ChodronEckhart Tolle, and Jose Silva’s The Silva Method.

We create a vision for making change in your life and on creating, connecting and stepping into the flow of what is possible for you.  My approach in this is rooted in ideas from the group consciousness called Abraham Hicks and even Elizabeth Gilbert.

How do we work together?

We can work together through guidance sessions or through private, intensive coaching. Private coaching is for those seeking regular, ongoing support with accountability and unlimited access to me as your coach. Individual guidance sessions are for those who just find that a session every few weeks is enough to help them in their soul growth!

My job as your coach is to bring to our work resources, tools and wisdom to support you on your soul’s journey to self-actualization and fulfillment.  I see through the veils that we all put up around ourselves, and assist you in seeing through your own veil in kind. I will be looking for the “core” of you, through the words you say and through your emotions and body expressions.

I provide the “gentle nudge” that you may want and need to encourage you to move forward toward your goals. Together, we will design action steps for you to work on between each session together, and decide how you want to be held accountable and how often.

I speak openly and honestly, and tell you what I see without hesitation.  I do this by looking for and eliciting key pieces of your inner self that may be holding you back from achieving what your soul truly wants and desires. 

I may point out pieces that you are subconsciously holding within; and there may be times that it feels uncomfortable.  We are both stretching toward growth outside of the comfort zone. I will be encouraging you to let go the “stories” that got you where you are and to develop new habits and beliefs that will carry you forward.