Change your Life


Coaching is an incredibly effective way to create new habits, new thinking patterns and a new approach to each moment in your life.

The coaching I do is a blend of spiritual and practical guidance, rooted in spiritual wisdom and in my own intuition, to support your development as a multi-faceted, luminous human in a fast-paced world.  

With a foot in both metaphysical and practical worlds, I combine my abilities to support you in achieving clear, actionable goals that can translate into everyday successes together with my encouraging you to develop your own intuition and access higher guidance from the universe (or whatever higher power you choose). We will focus on diving first into your inner self to then jump into the practical world of manifesting your goals.

Coaching is not advice or therapy. By diving into both the specific external issues and internal “stuck” feelings holding you back, we move toward an vision of how you want to be, feel and experience your life. 

Recommendations for effective coaching:

  • A three-month commitment at minimum to coaching is requested. There is a magical shift that occurs around the 3-month mark.
  • We will have our coaching sessions twice a month with two 1-hour sessions. 
  • I offer unlimited email (and some phone) communication in between sessions to fully support you and provide you with gentle "nudges," affirmation and solutions along the way.

Summer Special! $375/month (normally $450/month).

Optional: Two-Hour Initial Discovery Session (and a detailed Individualized Plan and and Analysis of You to get you started right away) for $250 one-time fee (normally $325!). 

In-person sessions take place at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. It is a low office building, and the entrance is in the rear with plenty of parking. Virtual sessions take place on Zoom videoconferencing.

Please get in touch with me to explore if private coaching might work for you, or if we've already had a conversation about coaching, you can schedule an appointment here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

What is coaching like with Rachel?

My approach blends the metaphysical with the practical, the spiritual with the everyday, and my own life experience with my studies in personal development and parapsychology.  

Intuitive guidance/coaching work with me is based on diving in deep to the thoughts, emotions and energy, and developing goal-oriented abilities to access the higher self to guide us through life. I blend my own intuitive guidance and connection with Divine Source with a Co-Active Coaching model, which rests on four cornerstones:

1.     You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole (you are not broken. You already have the wisdom within that knows your path.)

2.     Coaching touches on each aspect of your life (each area in your life has a ripple effect to influence all of the others)

3.     The path for this work comes from within you (I will not “tell” you what to do. I offer intuitive suggestions, it is up to you to choose what feels right for you.)

4.     I will stay with you in the present moment (I observe, notice and point out what I see within you that may not always be obvious to you. I will help to hold you accountable as you ask me to.)

You have free will as you move through life, but there is also Divine will (which comes from your soul’s deciding on what lessons to learn in life). We balance these two aspects of life in our sessions together. You will be learning and opening, and you will be experimenting and taking action.  Some sessions are more concrete and action-oriented, moving you forward, while other sessions may focus on exploring what is hidden deep within your subconscious and what might not always feel easy.

The curriculum around quieting the mind and consciousness has some of its roots in Shambhala Buddhism, and in other meditation techniques I have practiced over the years.  The practical tools for stillness in everyday life are rooted in the works of people like Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Doreen Virtue and Jose Silva’s The Silva Method.

We create a vision for making change in your life and on creating, connecting and stepping into the flow of what is possible for you.  My approach in this is rooted in ideas from Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields and the Good Life Project , Abraham Hicks and Elizabeth Gilbert. I use guided meditation and visualization techniques as tools, and also Tarot cards to help uncover hidden forces at play in your life. You can choose to have a Tarot reading at some point during our sessions (ideally no more than once every few months).

How do we work together?

My job as your coach is to bring to our work resources, tools and wisdom to support you on your soul’s journey to self-actualization and fulfillment.  I see through the veils that we all put up around ourselves, and assist you in seeing through your own veil in kind. I will be looking for the “core” of you, through the words you say and through your emotions and body expressions. I provide the “gentle nudge” that you may want and need to encourage you to move forward toward your goals. Together, we will design action steps for you to work on between each session together, and decide how you want to be held accountable and how often.

I speak openly and honestly, and tell you what I see without hesitation.  I do this by looking for and eliciting key pieces of your inner self that may be holding you back from achieving what your soul truly wants and desires.  I may point out pieces that you are subconsciously holding within; and there may be times that it feels uncomfortable to you, and to me.  We are both stretching toward growth outside of the comfort zone. I will be encouraging you to let go the “stories” that got you where you are and to develop new habits and beliefs that will carry you forward.

The voice of the ego will come up again and again through this work. It will scream out at you to stop, it may come up as resistance toward making any change, doing the hard work, and even sometimes toward me as your coach (especially around the 5-7 week “hump”!). I will stay with you in these times of exceptional growth (which can feel tough) and ask that you stay with me.

I take confidentiality very seriously in this work. I understand that you are entrusting me with your deepest self, and I cradle that sacred gift in my arms at all times. I understand, as a coaching client myself, how vulnerable that can feel. I do not share my clients’ names or personal information. If I see you in public, I will not reveal you are a client.  That being said, you are free to let people know I am your coach.

I am intuitive and passionate about what I see and believe. I am direct and open. It’s important for you to remember that I’m not the premier expert on you.  You are.  So I’m not always right.  I will intuitively offer suggestions and ideas to see what resonates with you.  It is up to you to share with me what feels right and what doesn’t. I go with your flow!

What do I need to know as a client?

With the more information you share about what you seek and how you operate, the better I can provide the guidance you seek and serve as the coach you need. I encourage you to be open about what your patterns might be and how I can best work with you to move through them.

In our sessions (video or in-person), I ask that you give your full attention and self. During video sessions, make sure you are in a quiet space with minimal distractions. I will ask to reschedule if the environment is not conducive to our best work together. When we tap into higher guidance to assist us, we create a sacred space and I ask that you similarly honor that space. I will ask that you carve out time for yourself to do this work, which may mean setting other priorities aside for the time being.

Prior to each session, I will send you a “prep sheet” for you to fill out.. or not. It helps me to hear about what’s been coming up for you in between sessions, but it is not mandatory. In some sessions, you may feel like you have nothing to talk about. I will ask questions and we will explore what might be lying underneath.

This is your time! If something is not working, please tell me about it. I am here for you and push my ego aside to support you. We found each other through coaching for a reason, and I trust that the universe means for it to be so.