Change your Life


Coaching is an incredibly effective way to create new habits, new thinking patterns and a new approach to each moment in your life.

The coaching I do is a blend of spiritual and practical guidance, rooted in spiritual wisdom and in my own intuition, to support your development as a multi-faceted, luminous human in a fast-paced world.  

With a foot in both metaphysical and practical worlds, I combine my abilities to support you in achieving clear, actionable goals that can translate into everyday successes together with my encouraging you to develop your own intuition and access higher guidance from the universe (or whatever higher power you choose). We will focus on diving first into your inner self to then jump into the practical world of manifesting your goals.

Coaching is not advice or therapy. By diving into both the specific external issues and internal “stuck” feelings holding you back, we move toward an vision of how you want to be, feel and experience your life. 

Recommendations for effective coaching:

  • A three-month commitment at minimum to coaching is requested. There is a magical shift that occurs around the 3-month mark.
  • We will have our coaching sessions twice a month with two 1-hour sessions. 
  • I offer unlimited email (and some phone) communication in between sessions to fully support you and provide you with gentle "nudges," affirmation and solutions along the way.

Summer Special! $375/month (normally$450/month).

Optional: Two-Hour Initial Session (and a detailed Individualized Plan and and Analysis of You to get you started right away) for $250 one-time fee (normally $325!). 

Pleas get in touch with me to explore if private coaching might work for you.