In our time together, I listen to your words, read your emotional reactions and tap into guidance from the universal sources of the highest love to provide you with insight and ideas. 

You are not broken. You are capable, strong and powerful. You already have the inner wisdom and tools that you need to carry you forward.

There just may be something blocking you from fully realizing this truth. My role is to show you the subconscious places where you may be holding back.

I will provide you with gentle suggestions, nudges, affirmations, encouragement and send you practical (written and visual) tools to help you move past any false stories or limiting beliefs.  I ask and then see and listen to information given to me by your spirit and angelic guides about you. 

Prior to our session, I spend time in meditation "downloading" this information to share with you! Tarot readings and guided meditations to unlock the subconscious and release stuck energy can be a part of our session if you choose.

photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

With guidance tailored to your specific life situation from Rachel, you'll learn to:

  • Trust your intuition to guide you to your soul purpose and in any small moment in life
  • Quiet your mind in everyday situations for as little as 1 minute
  • Use practical tools to release stuck, old patterns
  • Access higher guidance  to assist you in your life path
  • Understand and apply the Divine laws in your life, such as the law of attraction, law of vibrational resonance and soul lessons.
  • Manifest and co-create your future with your own thoughts and actions. (As long as it's aligned with your soul purpose!)
  • Take action steps toward your ideal future with ideas, tools and resources provided by Rachel
  • Understand that truly you are a magical, spiritual being, something that you've probably never been taught. And this knowledge will change your life forever.

In-person sessions take place at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. It is a low office building, and the entrance is in the rear (on the left side of the building) with plenty of parking. Please note that from August 2017-September 2018 there will be major construction at Woodfords Corner. Please use Ocean or Stevens Ave and then Walton Street to find me! Virtual sessions take place on Zoom videoconferencing. Rachel occasionally (not always, but sometimes!) will barter services for something of value as part of your work together. Let's chat if this resonates with you!

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

Short-term intuitive guidance for a specific life situation. 

These sessions can be done in-person, by video conferencing or phone. Tarot readings are optional (one-hour sessions only): please indicate in advance if you would like a Tarot reading. After our session, Rachel will send you a tool that she selects for you to apply to your life!

Summer Special for New Clients! One Hour for $95, Half-Hour for $45. Or, book three sessions at once for $75 each! (Normally $140/hour or $70/half-hour). 

photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

Coaching is an incredibly effective way to create new habits, new thinking patterns and to trust your intuition to guide you in any aspect of your life.

The coaching I do is a blend of spiritual and practical guidance, rooted in blending my own intuition with action-focused counseling and motivation, to support your development as a multi-faceted, luminous human in a fast-paced world. 

Learn more about coaching, or schedule a free 15-minute call to explore if it's a good fit for you!