What do you do?

Together, we unlock the tools already within you to support your evolving in your soul and in your consciousness to becoming the highest and best version of your true self. this is best accomplished through a series of individual guidance sessions, with private coaching, or with group work, either in person and virtual. 

We follow a process of soul evolution called the Soulful Work™ Framework. Individual sessions will feel like life coaching with a spiritual undertone.

We can also include guided imagery and hypnotherapy in these sessions to help release deep blocks. 

You can choose to have an intuitive reading, in the form of an Akashic Records, Tarot or angelic reading, for spirit-led, soul guidance.

I also offer coaching, spiritual communities of support (The Soulful Work Community), online courses, workshops, and guided meditation classes. I also offer group support for women doing spiritual businesses (like me)!

I offer free meditations in my podcast, The Courageous Path, as well as interviews of inspiring people.

I publish a blog and write various articles online.

And I present at various venues with in-depth workshops!

How would we work together?

Through my work with you in all forms, you'll explore both metaphysical and practical concepts to develop a new, or adjusted, way of thinking and being so that you can become aligned to the life that feels right for you and your higher self.

You'll do this most importantly by exploring past brain patterns and limiting beliefs, and identifying the voice of the inner critic that might be holding you back from aligning with your true inner self. 

In our sessions, either through individual guidance sessions or in private coaching, you'll access practical resources and design small forward-moving actions by using tools such as hypnotherapy, mindful imagery, visualizations, guided stillness exercises, and daily practices to integrate into each moment. Intuitive readings access the realm of Spirit to provide you soul-level information applicable to your life now.

I ask higher guidance to assist us in our session to provide light and guidance that best serves you and your highest and best purpose in your life. You will learn to identify thoughts and emotions that have been blocking your life from unfolding how you intuitively want it to and replace them with positive ones. Over time, you will learn how to unlock the wisdom that lies within you to create the life you are meant to have. 

Who are your inspirations?

I have learned from many spiritual teachers and guides. These include Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Pema Chodron, Seth Godin, Rochelle Schieck, Abraham-Hicks, Joanna Macy and Kryon (Lee Carroll). I also have learned from local sages like Lael Jepson, Kathleen Swinbourne and Christopher Pagli (marketing!).

How do I pay for a class, workshop, or guidance session?

You can pre-pay for a guidance session or workshop directly via the links located on this website, or in person with cash, check or credit card. If you'd like to sign up for an online course, payment is accepted on the course platform itself, via Teachable.com. 

I don't know if I can afford this. What can I do? 

Our society has created many limiting, false beliefs around money in each of us. These beliefs can actually stop us from receiving abundance that is our birthright. Investing in this inner work, which is for a limited time period, not only can save you money on years of therapy or medications, but it can save relationships, preserve careers, and create a long-term feeling of peace in your life. I teach you to work with tools like mindfulness, intuition and self-hypnosis on your own so you eventually can do all of this on your own!

However, for those with significant financial challenges, sliding scale discounts are available. And, as we shift to a new economic system, I am open to bartering. If you can provide organic food, a learning experience for children, or other related needs, let's talk! 

How do I know if working with you is right for me or will truly help me in my life?

If you are open to a new approach of integrating spiritual information into your life and aligning with your soul, then we could work nicely together. I trust that those who find their way to her are meant to do so. This will work best for those who are ready to do the work and who are willing to dedicate themselves with discipline and effort to get there. If you are want a way of being who you truly are in the world, are spiritually open, sensitive and seek deeper meaning in your life, then this might resonate.

People I work with tend to have a deep urge to create beauty, to share their inner wisdom, and simply to express themselves in a true, authentic, and real manner. They know to stay open to learning new ideas, to be willing to quiet the negative self-talk, and can be patient with observing the process unfold in their lives. They are persistent and willing to move in this process, even when it gets difficult, knowing that we are always supported by higher guides rooted in love.

We each are here to learn in our life, and our ultimate goal is self-actualization, in the form of healing ourselves, those suffering around us, and ultimately the planet.

Feel free to get in touch to explore working together!

I’m feeling extremely grateful and blessed these days. Being introduced to you Rachel has put me on a path that my soul has yearned for. I am feeling so good inside and feel my life is heading in the right direction. The picture in my mind is a path made of rocks in a wooded area. I jump from stone to stone as I get closer to my soul’s true purpose.
— L.P.
It is an honor for me to have some of your time. I always enjoy seeing you and listening to your ideas. You are expanding me toward something a little different from what I have been, and it seems all positive to me at this point. Lots of people are noticing that there is something different about me... I do totally trust you as an honest, smart, and loving person trying to improve this world. You have your work cut out for you.
— W.J.