Free Online Workshop

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone: Staying on Your Spiritual Path


Many of us are living in new sort of reality. A path that leads us to the person we long to be and to be living the life we know is meant for us.

We have learned much already about the truth about our ability to co-create our lives, to manifest our futures and to ask for higher guidance to assist us.

But it’s hard when the world around us (including our own family members) doesn’t understand. And we get derailed when things happen in ways that we don’t understand, when we are faced with barriers in our lives that challenge us greatly.

We are experiencing a great time of transition as we move into an age of unity and of connection with each other and with all life on Earth. But we are still in a rocky period. Many of us are rapidly expanding our consciousness and sharing love as much as we can. But some are choosing not to and instead are dwelling in negativity, anger and fear. And we still feel these emotions too even though we don’t want to (it’s part of being human, of course).

How can we reconcile living in these two different worlds? How can we stay aligned with our true selves, quieting our mind when we can, trusting our higher guidance to help us along the way? Even more importantly, how can we support one another in this exciting time, one of great transformation but also with uncertainty?  

This free online workshop, “You Don’t Have to Do This Alone: Staying on Your Spiritual Path,” offered on Thursday, June 15th from 7:30-8:30 pm EST, will offer you some ideas of how to best move along this path. Rachel will offer some tips on everyday ways you can manage what’s happening to you as you awaken to who you really are and expand your consciousness. She’ll talk about the energy, both high and low frequency, that we are all feeling on Earth. She’ll lead you in a guided meditation with Divine, healing light to help you align your energy and soothe your soul.

A free handout with practical tools you can integrate into your daily life (on raising your “vibration”) will be provided. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions about your life and receive guidance from Rachel! And you’ll hear about The Soulful Work Community, a new, low-cost monthly membership program, with both live and virtual group guidance sessions and much, much more, that is starting in July 2017.

This workshop will include:

  • Teachings from Rachel
  • Live guided meditation
  • Free handout with tips keeping your energy/vibration high in everyday life
  • Q&A session with intuitive guidance from Rachel on your life right now