The Soulful Work Community

The Soulful Work Community is an affordable monthly membership of like-hearted souls learning and growing together. We meet twice a month total (once in-person, once virtually). You can drop in to check out a gathering before joining. Each gathering revolves around learning various healing modalities, practicing sharing intuitive/healing gifts with each others and light meditation to heal ourselves and all beings on Earth. You also have unlimited access to an online platform on with guided meditations, writing exercises, videos and resources. 

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Group Mindfulness Coaching

Meeting once a week over 8 weeks with a small group of participants, you will train your brain to let go of attachment to negative thoughts in your everyday life in this Group Mindfulness Coaching program. You will to “re-wire” the cycle of thought chatter and invented stories by practicing letting go of thoughts, focusing on your breath (or a healing phrase/object), and then by practicing just being aware of sensations (sounds, feelings, etc.) in your body or environment and releasing judging them as good/bad/unwanted. At the end of the program, you will have a regular meditation practice and a deep, lasting sense of peace, calm and contentment in your life!

Group Life Coaching

In this intensive Group Life Coaching program meeting over a 3 month period, you come together twice a month to share what you are experiencing and in what areas you seek support, guidance and tools. This group is intentionally limited to three people so that I can provide each participant with individual attention and focus.

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Soulful Women in Business

The Soulful Women in Business Group is for women doing spiritual businesses to support each other, work past limiting beliefs, connect with higher guidance and learn about effective marketing! We meet monthly to learn resources, suggestions and action steps from me and each other to help you move forward toward expanding/creating your spiritual business.