You are capable, strong and powerful. You already have the inner wisdom and tools to find the career, partner or healthy lifestyle you deserve.

I will help you channel these tools to create a better life.

Rachel offers the perfect combination of spiritual support and encouragement and grounding, realistic action steps to make change.... I feel like my life has been completely turned around...
— Kendall Scott
My world has changed, my life is shifting to amazing new levels!
— L.M.
Whereas other forms of therapy and healing felt like temporary relief, I never experienced true transformation, as I have with you. I truly know that you have been the catalyst to what appears to be the most enlightening, fulfilling and exciting time of my life.
— Joanna Johnson

In guidance sessions, you will learn to:

  • Quiet your mind in everyday situations with a regular mindfulness practice

  • Trust your intuition to guide you in finding flow and peace

  • Access practical tools and the subconscious to release stuck, old patterns

  • Tap into higher guidance to assist you in your life path

  • Understand and apply divine concepts in your life, such as the law of attraction, law of vibrational resonance and soul lessons

  • Manifest and co-create the highest version of yourself

  • Take action steps and work past blocks toward long-term healing

  • Understand that truly you are a magical, spiritual being

Guidance Session Details

  • Guidance sessions can be a combination of the following: life coaching, hypnotherapy, past life and “in-between life” regressions, mindfulness coaching and intuitive readings. We come up with a tailored approach that works for you!

  • You will leave each session with action steps and follow-up “homework” (writing tool, meditation) after each session. Sessions are private and confidential.

  • Most of these modalities are geared for adults, but I also offer individual and group offerings (for children and teens).

photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

  • Life coaching is a powerful way to create change by working through blocks. We work together to help you move toward soul growth! Learn more about intensive, private coaching with me.

  • Intuitive readings access healing energy and information from your guides/angels about your soul, including life lessons, potential future realities, past lives and action steps.

  • Hypnotherapy sessions clear and re-set deeply-held limiting beliefs to create new, positive associations in the subconscious mind.

  • NEW! Past life regressions help you experience first-hand previous lifetimes for deep healing of persistent patterns, fears or issues that have not been resolved with other therapies. You may encounter spirit guides, and deceased loved ones in Spirit realm during “in-between life” regressions for soul guidance.

  • Mindfulness coaching provides you with tools, action steps and ideas for developing a regular "mind-quieting" practice.

photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

Choose between these private session types:

  • A 60-minute guidance session is a good option for a one-time or follow-up session. It can include life/mindfulness coaching or an intuitive reading.

  • A 75-minute guidance session includes hypnotherapy or any of the above modalities.

  • Most popular: For maximum benefit, I recommend a series of six 75-minute sessions at a discount (six payments are automatically deducted every 2 weeks).

  • Not sure which might be best? I can help you decide.