You are not broken. You are capable, strong and powerful. You already have the inner wisdom and tools that you need to carry you forward. 

With soul-level information and guidance, you can choose to take action and move closer to the highest and best version of yourself.

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

In guidance sessions, you'll learn to:

  • Trust your intuition to guide you to your soul purpose and in any small moment in life
  • Quiet your mind in everyday situations for as little as 1 minute
  • Use practical tools to release stuck, old patterns
  • Access higher guidance  to assist you in your life path
  • Understand and apply the Divine laws in your life, such as the law of attraction, law of vibrational resonance and soul lessons.
  • Manifest and co-create the highest version of yourself with your own thoughts and actions
  • Take action steps toward your ideal future with ideas, tools and resources provided by Rachel
  • Understand that truly you are a magical, spiritual being.

In-person sessions take place at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. The entrance is in the rear of the building on the left side.

Please bring a journal or paper as you may want to take notes. You are welcome to audio record these sessions as well.

Thank you again for last night’s session! It was so nice to spend time with you and Spirit in the Akashic Records! I have been filled with a sense of peace and validation ever since last night! I awoke today with a renewed sense of Purpose and Joy that permeates all I do! Thank you, Thank you for your reassuring guidance and amazing ability to access this sacred information!
— M.C.
Our talk was magical. Thank you so much. Since we spoke, I have felt so much better, and have done a number of things I’d been putting off for ages. The positive statements have also really been helping. I am looking forward to exploring what I really want for my life (and hopefully how one day I can share light the way you do). I cherish your knowledge and trust it, so your info on things “down the rabbit hole” is exciting for me!! You are helping people towards a higher good ... you are vastly improving my quality of life. You inspire me and are such a good role model for those around you!!
— C.M.
Coaching with Rachel is helping me to see things in a more positive light, to write in positive affirmations. I feel that I’m a better me, better Mom and better wife. Stating what I want and not what I don’t want. Being patient, loving and supportive to myself. Through working with Rachel I have learned to look forward to the future and not fear it.
— C.H.

Individual Guidance Sessions

Personalized guidance and coaching to dig in deeply to subconscious patterns.*

Guidance sessions can be done in-person, by video conferencing or phone. Prior to your first session, Rachel spends time in meditation "downloading" soul-level information from your guides. Sessions include gentle nudges and practical tools to help you move past any subconscious patterns holding you back from finding true abundance, a soul partner, a fulfilling career or simply happiness in life. We loosely follow a process of soul evolution called the Soulful Work™ Framework, designed to help you to evolve in your soul and in your consciousness to the highest and best version of yourself. While you can schedule one-time sessions, this is best done through 3-4 months of work together. You can receive a Tarot or Akashic Records reading in a guidance session with advanced notice. 

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

Akashic Records readings access the Akashic Records, a soul-level consciousness, or "energetic library," containing an archive of all souls throughout existence and their journeys, events and emotions. Readings provide information about your soul, past lives and guidance for your path in this lifetime, including lessons to be learned, soul-level truth and soul purpose. This guidance comes from your Masters who have been with you since your soul's inception, from Teachers and Loved Ones. These readings do not predict the future, rather they provide insight and guidance for you to come to your own understanding of what you are experiencing, like having a spiritual team of therapists.  Please come prepared with questions ("how, why, what" questions work best) that you would like to have answered. Read more here about what to expect in an Akashic Records reading.

Tarot card readings help you uncover patterns in your life based on ancient archetypes and images common to the universal human experience. I work with angels and with light in the Tarot. A tool to access intuitive information from your guides, angels and Divine Source energy, the Tarot is not about fortune-telling. Rather, the cards show you a potential reality for your life and indicates the forces at play in your soul evolution. However, it can show likely paths. Remember, you have free will! 

Hypnotherapy sessions coming soon! Hypnotherapy is a powerful and transformative way to remove deeply-held, subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviors and create new, positive thoughts and habits. I am starting to integrate hypnotherapy gradually into sessions with clients. If you are interested, get in touch and we can explore! Learn more about hypnotherapy.

Each session includes a follow-up email, and a writing tool for you to apply to your life situation.*  Got more questions? Find answers here. 

Individual Sessions*:

One Hour Guidance Session (In-Person or Virtual): $110

Half-Hour Guidance Session (In-Person or Virtual): $55

Guidance Sessions Series*:

Three Appointment Package: $100/session.

Six Appointment Package: $90/session.

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*Sliding scale discounts available. Please contact Rachel about your financial circumstances to explore options.  Please also note that there will be a slight price increase in fall 2018 as Rachel will be adding hypnotherapy to her services.

Change takes time to occur in life. If you are seeking long-term transformation of habits/brain patterns, Rachel recommends sessions over a period of 3-4 months. View the Guidance Session Agreement here that we would use for long-term work together.

Not sure which type of session right for you? You are welcome to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with Rachel to explore.