You are not broken. You are capable, strong and powerful. You have the inner wisdom and tools to carry you forward.

I will help you channel these tools and create a more fulfilling life.

Come learn how to unlock your transformative strength.

In guidance sessions, you will learn to:

  • Quiet your mind in everyday situations with a regular mindfulness practice

  • Trust your intuition to guide you in finding flow and peace

  • Access practical tools and the subconscious to release stuck, old patterns

  • Access higher guidance to assist you in your life path

  • Understand and apply the Divine laws in your life, such as the law of attraction, law of vibrational resonance and soul lessons

  • Manifest and co-create the highest version of yourself

  • Work past blocks toward long-term healing

  • Take action steps toward your ideal future with practical tools

  • Understand that truly you are a magical, spiritual being

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

Thank you again for last night’s session! It was so nice to spend time with you and Spirit in the Akashic Records! I have been filled with a sense of peace and validation ever since last night! I awoke today with a renewed sense of Purpose and Joy that permeates all I do! Thank you, Thank you for your reassuring guidance and amazing ability to access this sacred information!
— M.C.
My world has changed, my life is shifting to amazing new levels and I am truly grateful to you! I don’t even know how to fully express how incredible I feel and the signs that just keep coming, the shift I am feeling, It is truly amazing!!!! I am excited each day to see the messages, answers to my questions and the guidance leading on this journey! I am forever grateful that you came in to my life and are my angel on earth!! So much love & gratitude!
— L.M.
Coaching with Rachel is helping me to see things in a more positive light, to write in positive affirmations. I feel that I’m a better me, better Mom and better wife. Stating what I want and not what I don’t want. Being patient, loving and supportive to myself. Through working with Rachel I have learned to look forward to the future and not fear it.
— C.H.

Guidance Sessions

A guidance session can be a combination of the following: life coaching, guided imagery, mindfulness coaching and intuitive readings. Hypnotherapy sessions last longer and are booked separately. You receive a follow-up email with “homework” (writing tool, meditation) after each session.

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

  • Life coaching is a powerful way to create change by working through blocks. We work together to help you move toward soul growth!

  • Mindfulness Coaching provides you with tools, action steps and ideas for developing a regular "mind-quieting" practice.

  • Akashic Records readings access healing information about your soul, including life lessons, past lives and suggested action steps.

  • Tarot Card readings uncover patterns and potential paths to take based on archetypal images common to the human experience.

  • Angel and Spirit Guide readings connect you with a primary guide, angel or archangel that wishes to communicate and provide you with loving guidance.

 photo by will porensky

photo by will porensky

You can book a 60 minute individual guidance session or a series of 6 sessions (meeting every other week for 3 months) for 75 minutes each.

Most clients find that the deepest transformation occurs within the first 3 months. The Full Coaching Package below includes any of the above modalities for 75 minutes (your credit/debit card will automatically be charged every 2 weeks for 3 months for this package).

You will leave each session with action steps, and I will follow-up with a writing tool/meditation to guide you between each session.

(Please note: Hypnotherapy Sessions always last for approximately 75 minutes so are booked separately.)

*For those with significant financial challenges, sliding scale discounts are available. And, as we shift to a new economic system, I am open to bartering. If you can provide organic food, a learning experience for children, or other related needs, let's talk! 

Not sure which type of session right for you? Please get in touch for a 15-minute consultation call (free!) with me to explore.