What Is Mindful Guided Imagery?

In a state of relaxation, Rachel guides you in visualization exercises to use your imagination and access images in your mind. With the the power of suggestion, your mind taps into information and knowledge deeply held within, and not easily accessed otherwise.

Guided imagery exercises are like being in a meditative state, but using your subconscious to access information in the form or images shown to you by your subconscious mind, with the assistance of an "Inner Guide" (which some may view as a spirit guide, guardian angel or just a wise aspect of yourself). With these images, solutions to barriers you experience in your waking life can be uncovered.

This powerful modality can help you reduce anxiety, accelerate weight loss, increase your skills (in athletics, singing/acting), ease headaches/pain, enhance relationships and access your inner strength to cope with stress. 

Mindful guided imagery can have positive effects on one’s physical health has well: it can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol/glucose levels and boost the immune system. It has even been proven to reduce adverse side effects of chemotherapy and reduce blood loss after surgery. Learn more about mindful guided imagery, and how it differs from mindfulness meditation.