Releasing Subconscious Blocks 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to change unwanted thought patterns, habits and behaviors held in the subconscious. Like weeds in a garden, we are excavating the root of what is holding you back with hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can be transformational. It can clear away deeply-held patterns or habits, including smoking, over-eating or anxiety, and can help us thereby improve our health and even save our lives. Hypnosis can instill new, positive beliefs about our self-worth and our capabilities. Past-life regression (as well as in-between life regression) can heal an unexplained fear, phobia or negative pattern at the source.

I include life coaching with hypnotherapy sessions. Some doing a series of sessions find it helpful to have an intuitive reading to learn more about the issue.

Children and teens respond well to both hypnotherapy and guided imagery to address issues like anxiety, depression. Learn more about my work with kids. 

Got more questions about hypnosis or hypnotherapy? Learn more here.

The following can be successfully addressed with hypnotherapy and guided imagery:

Anything you’re struggling with—fears, confidence—this is really effective.
— M.S.
Shout out to Rachel Horton White who has helped me lose 7 pounds through hypnotherapy. I really feel it is working... through her help, I’ve managed to NOT eat chips in the evenings, stop having seconds at dinner, and a few other techniques that work. I’ve waited for this ‘shout out’ until I really felt it was working. And it is.
— Jim Peacock, Professional Development for Career Practitioners

Booking a Hypnotherapy Session

You will leave each session with action steps, and I will follow-up with a writing tool to guide you between each session. You are welcome to record the hypnosis session to listen to in between sessions, an effective way to re-program!

You may book a single 75 minute hypnotherapy session if you like, but this work with the subconscious is most effective for the majority of people after a series of sessions meeting weekly or every other week. You can book a series of six 75-minute sessions at a discount (six payments automatically deducted every 2 weeks).