Releasing Subconscious Blocks 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to change unwanted thought patterns, habits and behaviors held in the subconscious. Like weeds in a garden, we are excavating the root of what is holding you back with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can be transformational in any area. We can unintentionally hold ourselves back from our personal growth with subconscious beliefs created years ago. Hypnotherapy can clear away deeply-held patterns or habits, including smoking, over-eating or anxiety, and can help us thereby improve our health and even save our lives. Hypnotherapy can instill new, positive beliefs about our self-worth and our capabilities. 

Hypnotherapy is like a guided meditation, but in a deeper state of relaxation. The conscious mind is not present in hypnosis, so the subconscious can be open to receiving new suggestions, remove negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thoughts. 

Children and teens respond well to both hypnotherapy and guided imagery to address issues like anxiety, depression. Learn more about my work with kids. 

What Is Mindful Guided Imagery?

In a state of relaxation, Rachel guides you in visualization exercises to use your imagination and access images in your mind. With the the power of suggestion, your mind taps into information and knowledge deeply held within, and not easily accessed otherwise.

Guided imagery exercises are like being in a meditative state, but using your subconscious to access information in the form or images shown to you by your subconscious mind, with the assistance of an "Inner Guide" (which some may view as a spirit guide, guardian angel or just a wise aspect of yourself). With these images, solutions to barriers you experience in your waking life can be uncovered.

This powerful modality can help you reduce anxiety, accelerate weight loss, increase your skills (in athletics, singing/acting), ease headaches/pain, enhance relationships and access your inner strength to cope with stress. 

Mindful guided imagery can have positive effects on one’s physical health has well: it can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol/glucose levels and boost the immune system. It has even been proven to reduce adverse side effects of chemotherapy and reduce blood loss after surgery. 

What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery?

Hypnotherapy is like guided imagery but goes deeper into the subconscious. The primary difference is that with guided imagery, you are communicating with me and actively participating in the process. Your subconscious is creating the images that I guide you to communicate with. Based on the images you share, you are able to work with information held in the subconscious on the descriptions you provide and with my guidance of how you can work with these images. In hypnotherapy, I as the hypnotherapist am suggesting that images arise in your mind, so you are a receptive rather than active participant.

The following can be successfully addressed with hypnotherapy and guided imagery:

  • Confidence/Self-Doubt

  • Weight Management

  • Depression

  • Anxiety/Stress

  • Sleep

  • Pain Management

  • Fears/Phobias

  • Developing Intuition/Past Life Regression

  • Cancer Healing

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Alcohol/Drug Cessation

  • Infertility

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy

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How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy feels like a relaxing guided meditation. Guided imagery and suggestions bring you into a deep state of relaxation so that any beliefs/thoughts that you wish to clear can accessed by the subconscious.

The hypnotherapist then uses suggestions to create new positive associations to remove the negative thought patterns.

You are always fully in control during hypnosis, and you would never do anything your conscious mind does not choose for you.

What does a session look like?

Each session is about 75 minutes long (more or less). We explore what habits/thoughts/fears you wish to release and your goal for seeking hypnotherapy.

We discuss what types of relaxation you enjoy so that I can incorporate these into the hypnosis script itself. We do life coaching for the first 45 minutes, and the actual hypnotherapy portion lasts about 25 minutes.

For more on how I work in general, you can view more frequently-asked questions.

What do I do in between sessions?

In between sessions, you are encouraged to practice your own self-hypnosis daily if possible (especially in the beginning). If you like, I can teach you how to do self-hypnosis. You will also be provided with various writing tools to work on as part of the coaching portion of behavior modifications and goal-setting. You will be given a link to listen to guided hypnotherapy meditations I provide you as well.

How often should sessions be done? How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person. Generally, I recommend between 4-7 sessions, although you could find that you might benefit from just 2-3 or maybe you will need 8-9. I like to have the first two sessions occur within a week of each other, and then the following sessions ideally between 1-2 weeks apart, but this can be adjusted depending on your schedule and budget.

Can't I just listen to self-hypnosis recordings and not see a hypnotherapist?

Yes of course! This might help to a certain extent. However, hypnosis recordings on their own are not proven to be as effective as working with a hypnotherapist. Part of our work together involves behavior modification plans, goal-setting, strategies around stress reduction and mindfulness, accountability, encouragement and support. I also provide additional writing tools to process and work through the subconscious limiting beliefs at a more conscious level. In addition, over a period of weeks, you work through various issues and then move onto new areas of growth. Hypnotherapists create scripts tailored specifically to you each time you meet.

How will I know if it worked?

There are many factors to the success of hypnosis. Part of the hypnotherapy includes behavior modifications and coaching tools you agree to work on in between each session and self-hypnosis. We will work together on your goals and come up with a plan for you!

Booking a Hypnotherapy or Guided Imagery Session

You may book a single hypnotherapy/guided imagery session if you like, but this work with the subconscious is most effective for the majority of people after a series of sessions meeting weekly or every other week. You can book a series of six sessions at a discount (your card will automatically be charged $120 every 2 weeks).

You will leave each session with action steps, and I will follow-up with a writing tool to guide you between each session. You are welcome to record the hypnosis session to listen to in between sessions, an effective way to re-program!

This was my first experience with hypnotherapy so I didn’t know what to expect, but it is so powerful! I don’t think I’ve ever been so still. It felt like I was glued down. This works fast, and it was over a video chat. It’s a great way to truly be present and readjust your thoughts. The way Rachel does it is really relaxing and I love the visualization. Anything you’re struggling with—fears, confidence—this is really effective.
— M.S.
Rachel has taken the time each session to make sure that the hypnosis is tailored to exactly what I may need in that moment and/or overall …I have noticed that some of my pants are fitting a little bit better, I have more energy and a bigger desire to be more active… All 4 sessions have been different experiences but all have been wonderful! Rachel really has taken the time to get to know my needs and desires during this whole process and has helped to open up confidence in myself that I have not had in a long time and has helped me to make better food choices ... While I know the results are not instant I feel confident that there will be lasting changes!
— Anonymous
The hypnotherapy session was a totally new experience for me... I really believe that it works.
Today I reached ALL my goals and the interesting part was that happened naturally - which makes me even happier: In the session, i liked the honest interest of Rachel in understanding the situation and in finding solutions. During the meditation, you could really feel the energy changes, which made me believe that the session was supported also by our invisible friends. :)
— D.C.