What to Expect in an Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings tap into the realm of spirit to access information about you as a soul, potential action steps you could take, patterns that are occurring and guidance on how to get there. I offer Akashic Records, Tarot and angel readings.

I enjoyed my Akashic Records consultation with Rachel. I felt like I “knew” her somehow, like I’ve met her before. She looks so familiar! I felt her warmth and love and am looking forward to completing her [online] course and joining the [Soulful Work] community... The reading helped me to better understand what I already know intuitively. Now I need to trust.
— J.V.
Rachel is such a clear channel. The reading was extremely accurate and met me “where I’m at” in my current life experience. The specificity of detail in the reading, combine with Rachel’s gentle and compassionate presence, enabled me to trust, hear with open- ears, and be open to changing my ways. During this time of change (both on the world stage and in my personal life) the reading confirmed what I’m already feeling, enabling me to trust my own inner guidance. Furthermore, it helped me to recognize subconscious patterns I’ve been running for many years. Rachel provided me with tools to help clear the patterning, and welcomed me to tape the reading - which I’ve listened to a handful of times over the past week for further understanding and process work.
— K.G.
I wanted to thank you for this evening’s session.... I realized what a turning point this represents for me. I want to acknowledge how very well you do that work and keep your own ego at bay while you’re doing it. This is one of the most powerful readings I’ve ever had. I realize that is partially because I have done the work to get to this point to be ready for this kind of life-changing information...the other reason it was so powerful is because you are so very good at what you do. Thank you for your courage, your ability to put your ego aside, and all the work it took to become such a skilled and safe intuitive counselor.
— C.H.

How I do Intuitive Readings:

Before seeing a client, I connect with light in my heart, flowing from my crown chakra. I feel this light flowing through my body in both directions. I feel this light surrounding me in a protective bubble and call upon my angels, God and my guides for additional protection and guidance. I ask my divine guidance to assist me in serving the client in the highest and best possible way.

I ask the client’s guides/angels to show me information that would best serve them at the time. I do this either by accessing your soul in the records of all of your past lives and guidance about lessons you are working on learning in this life in the Akashic Records, or by reading the images and the archetypes in the Tarot card deck.

What are Akashic Records Readings!

The Akashic Records is a soul-level consciousness, or "energetic library," containing an archive of all souls throughout existence and their journeys and emotions. Readings provide information about your soul, past lives and guidance for your path in this lifetime, including lessons to be learned, soul-level truth and soul purpose. It's best to come with an idea of what area in your life you seek guidance (relationship, career, health, finances, creativity, your soul gifts, etc).

How are Akashic Records readings different from "psychic" readings?

Akashic Records readings do not predict the future, rather they provide insight and guidance for you to come to your own understanding of what you are experiencing, like having a spiritual team of therapists. It's best to ask about what it most on your mind, and start with questions that are more basic and move up to the more in-depth ones. We cannot access the records of family/friends, but only learn more about your relationship with that person.

How can I prepare for my Akashic Records reading?

Please come prepared with questions ("how, why, what" questions work best) that you would like to have answered. There is no time in the records, so "when" questions do not receive clear answers. It's helpful to describe your day-to-day experience surrounding this situation, as energy moves upon the spoken word. 

We enter the records using your full current legal name. This is according to the Pathway Prayer Process©, as taught by Linda Howe.


What to Expect in a Tarot Reading:

The Tarot has been used for centuries as a way to connect with the Divine. With archetypal images, numbers and symbols, the cards give detailed information about the forces influencing a person’s life, and the likely outcomes resulting from certain course of action.

Comprised of the Major Arcana, which show us our soul lessons on our path to spiritual awareness and understanding, and the Minor Arcana, which tell of our daily decisions and activities, the Tarot is an incredible tool to get information about what is happening in your life right now, and suggested steps to take to reach a place of greater fulfillment and purpose.

As a divination tool, the Tarot shows patterns influencing your life now and can indicate potential future paths. However, it is not fortune-telling, as you have free will that can change the outcome.

The Tarot has a magical way of showing the underlying causes beneath the surface. You may hear things that you may not always like to hear; the Tarot cuts through the superficial and speaks directly to the root issue. Some people are nervous about the Tarot: please know that I work with light (especially angels in the Tarot).

It helps to have an idea of what type of guidance you seek in a Tarot reading.

Booking a Reading:

You may book a short intuitive (Akashic Records or Tarot) reading as part of a guidance session for 30 minutes or for 1 hour. Please let me know in advance if you would like a Tarot reading (so that I have my cards with me!). You are welcome to audio record this session or take notes.

After each session, we talk about action steps you will take, and I will send you a follow-up tool/meditation for “homework.”

*Please note that on March 1, 2019 prices will increase slightly.

Thank you again for last night’s session! It was so nice to spend time with you and Spirit in the Akashic Records! I have been filled with a sense of peace and validation ever since last night! I awoke today with a renewed sense of Purpose and Joy that permeates all I do! Thank you, Thank you for your reassuring guidance and amazing ability to access this sacred information!
— M.C.
“I’m very grateful for the session I had with Rachel. She definitely is a spiritual intuitive. She’s compassionate, a great communicator, and listener. Her spiritual understanding and of human nature is exceptional. She guided me through some very emotional and difficult problems I’ve been having. Thank you Rachel. May you be blessed.”
— P.B.