Many of us go through our days with constant chatter in our heads of what we feel we "should" be doing, worrying about money/our job/our country or doubting ourselves and our own gut feelings.. It gets exhausting but many of us don't know how to make it stop.

You may have tried meditation in the past but haven’t found a reason to stick to it. Maybe it seems too overwhelming or too difficult to prioritize. Instead of setting yourself up to just try something else that you feel bad about not completing, what if you were to change your approach completely by essentially re-training your brain?

In this  virtual class (designed to take 1-2 weeks), we will explore how you can begin to transform your daily reality through meditation (or simply “quieting the thinking mind”). You will learn about how powerful our thoughts and emotions are in shaping our daily realities, and how we can become more aware of their impact through quieting our minds.

In this class, you’ll learn:

- How to use meditation and written tools to identify with your Higher Self

- How to apply spiritual wisdom in everyday moments in your life

- About the power of your thoughts and emotions on your environment

- Tools for quieting the mind in each moment of your busy life

- The importance of recognizing the fears, doubts and worries of the negative Ego Self

You’ll learn more about how you can begin to transform your entire life with this new approach to your thoughts, your emotions, and ultimately, your reality through the power of quieting your mind. Tools provided in this course include video tutorials with me, interviews I've conducted with inspirational people in my podcast "The Courageous Path", tactics for bringing about your future self through quieting your mind and a guided "quieting the mind" exercise. With approximately 4-6 hours of content (depending on how much time you choose to devote!), the course offers instruction, inspiration, guidance and reflection (your own work!). A highlight of this course is a 20-minute individual guidance call with Rachel (new folks only please). And once you're in the class, you have lifetime access to the content!

You will receive:

- One 20-minute Individual Guidance Call with Rachel

- Video Tutorials with Me

- Interviews from my Podcast "The Courageous Path"

- Inspirational Video Teachings with Public Figures

- A Guided Mind-Quieting Exercise

For more details and to sign up, click here. Then and you'll get emailed a free handout with steps to take toward transforming your daily reality. Don't forget then to register directly for the class on Teachable at the link you'll get emailed to you! Can't wait to see you in the class!

Cost: $10 (yup, just 10 bucks!). 

There is much that we haven’t been told about our true nature. How powerful we are to create our external reality. And how our reality is much more magical than what we have been taught. But you already have everything you need within you to start. Your own internal tools just may be a little rusty. It might be time to dust off your skills and learn how to put them to use to bring about a new way in your life. You’ll be making yourself a priority by examining your thoughts, the impact of your own energy on your physical environment and how the universe (higher guidance) can step in to help you.

There is a key part to this work that is not often talked about. And that is that we have two aspects of ourselves. Our Ego Self and our Higher Self. Our Ego Self worries, is afraid of what people might think, doubts our abilities and potential. Our Higher Self knows who we really are, that we are connected to a web of universal love and support, and helps guide us intuitively all the time. So what’s the problem, then? The problem is that most of us listen to our Ego Self, not the Higher Self, which leads us down a road of invented stories, false beliefs, and ultimately, separation from our who we really are. 

This intensive online course, “Becoming Your Future Self: How to Get Past Your Blocks and Find Your Purpose” will teach you to shift your thinking patterns and to integrate a spiritual approach into your everyday life. By digging in to your subconscious mind, you will uncover deep-seated beliefs that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life. You will learn to create new internal habits that motivate and inspire you to action toward finding fulfillment and a sense of purpose in everything you do. You may find that that that new job, financial windfall, dream partner or long-held desire magically comes into your life.The course will culminate in a project, or a specific series of actions you will take to meet one or more of your goals.! Preview the course here.

Each section contains video instruction as well as:

  • Individual 30-minute video guidance sessions with Rachel (full/basic versions only)
  • Two live group workshops with question and answers 
  • Guided meditations
  • Worksheets
  • Writing assignments and reflections
  • Recommended books, videos and other resources
  • Suggested actions/exercises for your daily life
  • A final project/series of actions you'll take

You will move through a series of topics on the soul’s journey to transformation. Each week will focus on the following topics:

  • ·       Discovering Who We Really Are
  • ·       Quieting the Thinking Mind
  • ·       Uncovering the Inner Critic (the Fears/Doubts/Worries
  • ·       Creating our Future Selves
  • ·       Emotions, Energy and Abundance
  • ·       Asking for and Receiving Higher Guidance
  • ·       Putting It Out There: Experimenting and Taking Action
  • ·       Truth and a New Way: Your Role in the Shifting Consciousness

While this course is designed to be completed over eight-twelve weeks, you can take as long as you wish (once you sign up, the course is yours!). I recommend completing the course in no more than four months. If you are self-directed, motivated and prefer being able to learn at your own pace, without having to leave home, this course will work well for you. You'll have the option to join a private virtual learning community of students to share ideas and provide mutual support. The full version includes two 30-minute individual video guidance sessions with Rachel, giving you the chance to ask questions and discuss barriers coming up for you, and the basic version includes one 30-minute individual video guidance session You can also choose the "just the course" version (without the live guidance). 

"Just the Course": $20/month for two months.  Use coupon JUSTCOURSE. Total cost: $40.

Basic Version Cost: $100/month for two months. Includes one 30-minute individual virtual guidance session with Rachel (use coupon code BASIC). Total cost: $200. 

Full Version Cost: $200/month for two months. Includes two 30-minute individual virtual guidance sessions with Rachel. Total cost: $400. 

 Click here to learn more about the course (and get a free handout!). 

This short introductory course (designed to be completed over 2-4 weeks) gives you a taste of what it might be like to approach your daily reality in a completely new way. To start paying attention to the effects your thoughts, emotions and beliefs have on what you actually experience everyday. Since you may subconsciously be creating what you want (or don't want) all the time, why not actively learn to exert some control over what happens in your life? While this course is designed to be completed in one week, you may go at your own pace!

Cost: $29.  Includes one 20-minute individual guidance call with Rachel (for new students) via video conference. Preview the course here.




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