A Sampling of Meditations

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All music by Chris Kemp White.

I enjoy listening to the meditations you offer! I find it grounding and soothing! I like the visualization you provide. I find comfort in your voice, it is easy to follow and trust your guidance. I know that you speak truth, and this has a healing quality! I appreciate the good work you are doing! Thank you!
— D.D.

Separating from the Subconscious Stories Meditation

This guided meditation will help you energetically separate from the fears, doubts and self-defeating thoughts that might be coming up to block your luminous expansion. We will also bring in new, positive qualities that you seek. Enjoy!

Guided Meditation: Identifying the Protective Ego

We are expanding and opening to new levels. We will be diving into our awakening and the essence of our re-discovering our souls and their unique gifts. We are being called upon, with the energies of the Earth shifting so rapidly, to dig deep into our shadow sides, our Egos. All of our other work in evolving and doing light work cannot be fully expressed in our human bodies or souls without this essential work. It is not easy, and it is not always fun. But it will free the wild, true aspect of who you are, and bring you to a whole new level in your consciousness expansion. This meditation will help you identify, and separate from, the energy of the protective ego.

Guided Meditation: Light Expansion

Enjoy this guided meditation that invokes light from the Earth and from the higher, Divine, galactic realm. Bask in the healing nature of this light, receive information as downloads through the light, and send light as energy to those suffering in the world. Co-create a new Earth and a new paradigm with light expansion.


Guided Meditation: 11-Minute Quieting the Mind Meditation

Enjoy this simple 11-minute meditation simply focused on noticing the breath and letting go of thoughts!

Guided Meditation: Meet Your Guardian Angel

There are sources of Divine wisdom out there waiting to assist us in our everyday lives. We often just don’t ask them for help! In this meditation, you have the chance to experience the pure love of your guardian angel.

It can be a powerful experience of the high-vibration light and love from the highest realm. I hope you enjoy.

Guided Meditation: Envisioning Your Future Self

This guided meditation on envisioning your future self will help you create a vision for your potential future. Did you know we are much more powerful than we have ever been taught? Yes, we have soul lessons to learn, but when we learn to work with our personal vibration and with the resonance of all things, and work through any self-limiting beliefs, we can manifesting our ideal lives, or the way of being that our soul knows is possible for us. It’s about the law of attraction, which is one of many Divine laws that govern our existence. We are essentially creating a vibration as we envision our potential future self, and then it’s just up to us to trust, take action and align our current reality (and vibration) to make that vision come into fruition!

Use your feelings to guide you (your intuition)! You can then write about what you saw/felt/experienced in a writing reflection.

Guided Meditation: Forgiveness

Forgiving ourselves, forgiving another, or asking for forgiveness can be exceedingly difficult. Admitting that we have wronged another, or that we have been holding a grudge against another, is not a feeling in which we often choose to dwell. So we often push the feeling aside, hoping it will go away. But it doesn't. Instead, these negative feelings can create energy blockages that have ripple effects in other areas of our lives. This live guided meditation will guide you through the process of first forgiving yourself (a crucial foundational step), then to forgiving another and releasing what no longer serves us, and lastly to asking the soul of another for forgiveness.

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Guided Meditation: Meeting Guides from a Higher Realm

We all have spirit guides that can assist us in providing support, guidance and wisdom throughout our lives. We can learn to identify and communicate with them by tapping into our inner selves through this guided meditation to meet one of your guides.

Guided Meditation: Chakra Opening

By opening to the energy field, the chakra system, that exists within and around our bodies, we can align, release and balance our energies and find renewed wellbeing and health. This quieting the mind exercise guides us into opening our chakras toward healing our bodies, minds and souls.