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Soul Reconnection: Move Past Fear and Access Your Intuition - 8 Week Class Series

A phenomenon happening all over right now is this feeling of longing to reconnect with what fuels our souls. As part of our energetic shift in consciousness as humans, we are being asked to shed the layers of negative Ego programming and come into who we truly are, as gifted souls with much to share with the world.

But our fears, and our doubting our own intuition to guide us along the way, often block us in this quest. It’s time to work past these fears and fully expand!

This class series, called Reconnect with Your Soul: Move Past Fear and Access Your Intuition, is designed to help you awaken, to help you expand, to help you in your soul evolution toward self-actualization. Among other things, you will create a vibration of the highest version of your future self, expand your intuition by clearing your third eye chakra, learn how to develop a habit of quieting your mind with meditation to release the negative thoughts holding you back (and expand your intuitive ability) and work through fears and doubts stopping you from taking action toward your ideal future.

After creating a vibration that is aligned with your soul purpose is in this life (and after uncovering what that is), you will be encouraged to take action to move into the flow of the vibration of the highest and best version of yourself.

This class will be held in August through September, so will be outdoors in a “secret park”!  You will need to bring a blanket, sunscreen, bug spray (herbal if possible!), sunglasses, pen and a hard surface (book) to write on.

To recap, this class series includes :

·       Guided visualizations/meditations designed to re-program the subconscious

·       Writing tools to work past the negative Ego voice and co-create your future

·       Teachings on vibrations/energy, higher guidance, connecting with angels, identifying/separating from the negative Ego, clearing/grounding and more!

·       Tailored guidance from Rachel on your specific life situation

·       Free 8-week membership in the Soulful Work Community, a monthly supportive community about consciousness expansion meeting monthly (both virtually and in person), including private access to the Soulful Work Community Facebook group

·       Option to connect with another classmate as an “accountability partner”

You’ll learn how to identify your self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You’ll learn to quiet your fears/doubts/worries of your conscious mind and listen instead to the wisdom of your higher self, which is your intuitive voice and also knows how you can best share your gifts with the world.

Each week in this class will focus on the following theme:

·       Quieting the Mind in Everyday Moments

·       Working with Vibrations and Energy in All Things

·       Using Your Thoughts to Co-Create

·       How to Connect with Higher Guidance

·       Working Past Fears, Doubts and Worries of the Ego

·       Taking Action to Share Your Gifts

·       The Shift in Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

·       Protecting and Clearing Your Energy

After completing this class, you will notice that your approach to life has shifted. Perhaps you will see more synchronicity and meaning in everyday situations. You will have more of a connection with your inner guidance. You will understand more about how your intuition can help you in any area of your life - in your career, in your relationships, with your health, or any other area that had previously been causing you pain or stress. You likely will have a blueprint for a new path in sharing your intuitive gifts - whether it's a business or a side-income project. You'll notice that as you expand your light, your life will improve overall as well. You will experience the magic of the universe in your own life in every way.

This class series is for anyone who is ready to carve out time and effort to enhance their intuition in their everyday life. If you’re open to acknowledging a reality that you can’t see with your eyes and to receiving spiritual guidance from a Divine realm, this class will work well for you!

Wednesday evenings, August 1st -September 19th* outdoors at a “secret park” near Portland, Maine! (Indoor gathering space available for rain).

$40/week for an 8-week payment plan ($320 total). First class for FREE ($40 off with code LESS40) for Early Birds registering by July 1st.  Please register in advance here.  Discounts available for Soulful Work Community members of $30/week ($240 total). Sliding scale options available for those experiencing financial difficulty - please contact Rachel to explore.

*If you miss a class, not to worry! This class series is also an online course. You will be able to access all of the materials for that week in the online course.

Can’t make it to the in-person classes but still interested? You can choose to do this work in the online course version instead! Get in touch with Rachel for details.


Here's what past students have said about classes with Rachel:

“My world has changed, my life is shifting to amazing new levels and I am truly grateful to you! I don’t even know how to fully express how incredible I feel and the signs that just keep coming, the shift I am feeling, It is truly amazing!!!! I am excited each day to see the messages, answers to my questions and the guidance leading on this journey! I am forever grateful that you came in to my life and are my angel on earth!! So much love & gratitude!” – L.M.

“Working with Rachel has been such a gift! I feel as though words can’t really express the level of gratitude I feel towards not only Rachel, but to the Universe for facilitating our connection (as well as the connections made in our very special group). Incredible! Diving into the dark, healing and embracing my higher self has changed my life forever and moved me towards a path I could only have dreamed, existed. The incredible light she shares, truly changes our lives and world for the better. Rachel makes a difference simply by embracing who she is and the light she embodies. I am so excited to continue to dive deep and expand (even when it’s difficult), so that I too, can be a source of light and love in this beautiful world. “And so it will be”.” – H.D.

“I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for offering such a wonderful online class over the last 8 weeks! I’m incredibly grateful that I found your classes, guidance, and support. I am a different person and continue to go down the path I knew I was being drawn to. I truly believe you and your knowledge was sent my way, and that everything I have practiced in these classes is exactly what I am suppose to be doing. My introduction to angels has been a pure gift, so I thank you for that! The meditations have also been an amazing shift in my life!! I will continue to grow and expand and I look forward to attending other classes and workshops of yours in the future!! ”— N.W.

 “Life is a journey, and if you are considering working with Rachel or taking one of her courses you are on the right path. Rachel has compiled a wealth of resources, not to mention her own ability to help you cut through the chatter and get to your core principals. Whether you are looking to make a change in your life in general or your work, the materials and exercises Rachel offers will put you in a space to reinforce your best intentions and bolster your confidence in yourself. It is an investment, and for some a first step, towards contributing to life forces that are trying to help us move to a better place. I highly recommend working with Rachel. She is a wise and caring person, who has taken some brave steps herself. She knows what she is talking about! – Ed Bryan, Crystal Reporting Solutions

Wondering if this is right for you? I am happy to have a chat with you about it. Get in touch ( to set up a phone call!

I look forward to joining me on this journey of expansion and light!