In the Becoming Your Future Self (Get Past Your Blocks and Find Your Purpose) online course, through a progression of soul evolution, from learning about quieting the mind, emotions and energy, developing intuition/talking to higher guidance to dealing with the negative Ego voice and the hidden stories of fears/doubts/worries. In this online course, which is designed to last for eight weeks, you will have the choice to include two 30-minute intuitive guidance sessions (Tarot readings optional) with Rachel. With guided meditations, videos, writing tools, handouts with everyday tips, suggested actions, and much more, you can experience a new awakening to the person you really are in your life, and what you are truly meant to be doing from a soul level. 

Course Investment:

$90/month for full version over 2 months.

$60/month for basic version over 2 months.

$20/month for "just the course" version over 2 months.

Learn in this short online course, Quiet the Noise in Your Head (and Set Yourself Free), about the power of quieting the mind to change your brain, create new habits and get into a flow that matches your soul purpose. With a guided meditation, videos, a handout and written tool, this is a good introduction to how you might start a process of transforming your life. Includes a 20-minute intuitive guidance call with Rachel. 

Course Investment:

$10 total.