This course is designed to help you awaken, to help you expand, to help you in your soul evolution toward self-actualization. You will learn how to develop your intuition by clearing your third eye chakra, developing a habit of quiet your mind with meditation to better receive information from your higher guidance, and working through fears and doubts that often come up to block us.

You will learn about the forms of higher guidance, including angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, God/Source, animal totems and spirits in and of nature. After creating a vibration that is aligned with your soul purpose in this life (and after uncovering what that is), you will be encouraged to take action to move into the flow of the vibration of the highest and best version of yourself.

Learn in this short online course, Quiet the Noise in Your Head (and Set Yourself Free), about the power of quieting the mind to change your brain, create new habits and get into a flow that matches your soul purpose. With a guided meditation, videos, a handout and written tool, this is a good introduction to how you might start a process of transforming your life. Includes a 20-minute intuitive guidance call with Rachel. 

Course Investment: