Who were we in previous lives?

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Our souls have been here before!

Our subconscious minds contain memories of times and places that most cannot access with their conscious minds.

If you have tried other therapies, but something is pulling you back into habitual patterns, the root of the issue probably is from a past life.

Through hypnosis, we can visit past lives, as well as in-between lives (in the realm of Spirit) that hold valuable information that can help us in our current lifetimes.

Past life regressions can show us patterns we have subconsciously fallen into and help us recognize and begin releasing these patterns in waking life.

In a past life regression, you may:

  • learn about the source of a fear, phobia or negative pattern in your life

  • meet people who are currently in your life

  • heal and release fears, phobias and negative patterns by learning about the source of them

  • experience past deaths and go to “the light” of the Spirit realm

  • meet deceased loved ones and guides in your time “in-between” lifetimes for soul guidance

Note: If you have never experienced hypnosis before, it may take more than one session for a past life to show up! Past life regressions can bring up emotions, but with the support of an experienced hypnotherapist, you will be supported. Our subconscious does not show us what we are not ready to see!

Past life regression sessions last for 90 minutes for a full intake process and regression experience. Learn more about past life regressions in the FAQ section.

Please note that prices have slightly increased for these 90 minute sessions.