Intensive Life Coaching


Sometimes greater accountability is needed to make deep change in one’s life. For people who need a coach to check in with regularly, and who would benefit from reminders and encouragements on a more frequent basis, this intensive life coaching program might be right for you.

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If you are feeling quite “stuck” in your life and dealing with some persistent, negative patterns, intensive life coaching can help provide you with a human guide to support your inner growth and soul evolution.

Some people need more accountability and check-ins between sessions. This coaching program will give you the structure, with the gentle guidance of a supportive coach, necessary for lasting behavior change and establishing new, permanent ways of being.

In addition to meeting in-person or regularly, this package includes a much deeper level of communication and correspondence with me as your coach, supporter and guide. Sometimes we need a shoulder to lean on for a little while, until our new, healthy habits are entrenched!

I personally worked with a life coach like this, and her support is quite simply the reason that I quit my job and started Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting! I am convinced that I never would have had the courage to do this work if it were not for her ongoing support and encouragement.

In this private coaching time together, we work closely together toward your goals. I provide you with access to a wide array of tools, meditations and action steps designed to meet your specific needs. Some sessions will be purely life coaching with powerful tools to shift your approach.

Other sessions will include hypnotherapy to release deeply-held subconscious beliefs. A few may involve mindfulness coaching to help you develop a regular meditation practice. And some will be intuitive readings to explore what is happening for you at a soul level.

Please note that I only work with a small number of people in private coaching, and I ask that we have a conversation first to ensure that this would be a good fit for us both.

Overall, this coaching package includes:

  • Six 75-minute coaching sessions , meeting generally every other week (which can include - in addition to life coaching - hypnotherapy, mindfulness coaching or an intuitive reading)

  • Working together for 3 months at a minimum, up to 6 months

  • Unlimited emails

  • Phone calls as needed

  • Ongoing support, encouragement and guidance

  • Unlimited writing tools, meditations, hypnotherapy recordings and intuitive exercises to work on in between sessions

  • Free temporary membership to the Soulful Work Community

  • Free enrollment in the 8-week Develop Your Intuition (and Find Your Soul Purpose) online course

  • Free attendance at workshops I offer (virtual or in-person) while you are in coaching

This program is designed to be life-changing and permanent, and for past clients, it has opened their life to magic, freedom and joy.

My world has changed, my life is shifting to amazing new levels and I am truly grateful to you! I don’t even know how to fully express how incredible I feel and the signs that just keep coming, the shift I am feeling, It is truly amazing!!!! I am excited each day to see the messages, answers to my questions and the guidance leading on this journey! I am forever grateful that you came in to my life and are my angel on earth!! So much love & gratitude!
— L.M.
I cannot fully express how thankful I am for finding Rachel... She offers the perfect combination of spiritual support and encouragement and grounding, realistic action steps to make change... She helped me to work through areas where I was stuck: putting ego aside so I could stop having constant doubt and fear; difficult past experiences that were holding me back; and feeling lost and unsure of what would bring me joy. Working with Rachel enabled me to envision my ideal future self and manifest that vision. I feel like my life has been completely turned around. I feel peace, gratitude, joy and acceptance of my life and myself. I feel like I have meaning and purpose...thanks to Rachel I can accept where I am without judgment and do my best to raise my vibration or energy through meditation and other exercises she has shown me.
— K.S.
Working with Rachel has been such a gift! I feel as though words can’t really express the level of gratitude I feel towards not only Rachel, but to the Universe for facilitating our connection..Diving into the dark, healing and embracing my higher self has changed my life forever and moved me towards a path I could only have dreamed, existed. The incredible light she shares, truly changes our lives and world for the better. Rachel makes a difference simply by embracing who she is and the light she embodies...
— H.D.

Investment: $500/month for 3 months. Please note that payment can also be broken up into multiple payments of $250. Please get in touch with me first to to learn more about how intensive, intuitive-based life coaching with me works, and if this approach is a good fit for you before registering. You then can register below for a subscription, in which three payments of $500 are automatically withdrawn monthly, or we can work out a separate payment arrangement.