Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

I offer individual and group guidance, both in person and virtual, in the form of private coaching, online courses, group workshops, and guided meditation classes.  I have a podcast, The Courageous Path, in which I interview inspiring people and provide guided meditations ("quieting the mind exercises") I have created for your listening pleasure. I publish a blog and write various articles online, such as on Quora and Medium. I also present at various venues with in-depth workshops or just plain old talks!

How would we work together?

Through my work with you in all forms, we explore both metaphysical and practical concepts to develop a new, or adjusted, way of thinking and being so that you can become aligned to the life that feels right for you and your higher self. We do this most importantly by exploring past brain patterns and limiting beliefs, and identifying the voices of the inner critics that hold us back from aligning with our true inner selves.  With private coaching clients, we access practical resources and design small forward-moving actions by using tools such as visualizations, guided stillness exercises, and daily practices to integrate into each moment. Individual guidance sessions are also quick ways to get some short-term guidance on a specific situation you're struggling with now in your life.

I use my intuition and ask higher guidance to assist me in providing you with the wisdom, love and insight that serves you and your highest and best purpose in your life. Our work together will bring you to a new way of living your life that you may have never experienced before. You will learn to identify thoughts and emotions that have been blocking your life from unfolding how you intuitively want it to and replace them with positive ones. Over time, we will unlock the wisdom that lies within you to create the life you are meant to have. 

How do I pay for a class, workshop, or guidance session?

You can pre-pay for in-person guidance sessions, private coaching or workshops via the PayPal links located on this website. Meditation classes are by suggested donation, so just bring cash or a credit card to the class itself. If you'd like to sign up for an online course, payment is accepted on the course platform itself, via or Udemy. 

How do I know if working with you is right for me?

This might be right for you if you are open to a new approach of integrating spiritual purpose and aligning with their true inner self into their lives.  I trust that those who find their way to me are meant to do so. Individual guidance sessions can benefit almost anyone. Long-term coaching or online coursework works well for those who are ready to transform their lives now and who are willing to dedicate themselves with discipline and effort to get there. If you are naturally introverted, want a way of being who you truly are in the world, are spiritually open, sensitive and seek deeper meaning in your life, then this work can make a real difference for you.

My long-term clients tend to have a deep urge to create beauty, to share their inner wisdom, and simply to express themselves in a true, authentic, and real manner.  They know to stay open to learning new ideas, to be willing to quiet the negative self-talk (or chorus of what I sometimes call the "Mean Crowd") with which many of us strongly identify, and can be patient with observing the process unfold in their lives.  They are persistent and willing to walk alongside me even when I may tell them something they may not want to hear. They understand that I come from a place of compassion, in alignment with the highest Source of love. We each are here to learn in our life, and our ultimate goal is self-actualization, in the form of healing ourselves, those suffering around us, and ultimately the planet.

Feel free to get in touch with me so we can explore working together. I offer free 15-minute consultation calls.