Aligning with the Flow of Abundance Workshop (Audio)

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Aligning with the Flow of Abundance Workshop (Audio)

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Subconscious beliefs around money can block our energetic vibration and our ability to receive abundance in our lives. Many of us hear or experience limiting beliefs about money in childhood. These beliefs can morph into stories about there never being enough, guilt, or actually resenting money in our lives. As a form of energy, money is a way to exchange goods or services. Sadly, in our country, the system of money is perceived by many of us to lead to suffering, as it accentuates a sense of lack. The good news is that we can learn to take back control of money in our lives, and "flip the switch" on our perspective.

In this workshop, you will learn to develop a perspective of receiving, and of abundance. You will learn to dig into any limiting beliefs/stories you may be carrying about money, and develop an awareness of when these thoughts surface in everyday life. 

You will learn tools you can apply in everyday life to eventually release any money blocks, replacing them with thoughts and beliefs about universal abundance!

This workshop includes:
- conversation around energetic vibrations, and Divine laws about receiving and giving in the flow of abundance
- a guided meditation and visualization to release money blocks

*You will need to purchase the writing tools for this workshop separately here on the Learning Store to go along with the workshop: the Getting in the Flow of Abundance handouts (which includes two handouts/writing reflection) and the Hidden Stories writing reflection (which includes 4-5 pages of a writing reflection).


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