The Soulful Work Community

Many of us are living more aligned with our true spiritual selves more than ever. It is a liberating and amazing experience, but it can also be a lonely one, especially if not everyone in your life understands what you are experiencing.

It can hard when the world around us (including our own family members) doesn’t understand. And we get derailed when things happen in ways that we don’t understand, when we are faced with barriers in our lives that challenge us greatly.

We are experiencing a great time of transition as we move into an age of unity and of connection with each other and with all life on Earth. But we are still in a rocky period. Many of us are rapidly expanding our consciousness and sharing love as much as we can. But some are choosing not to and instead are dwelling in negativity, anger and fear. And we still feel these emotions too even though we don’t want to (it’s part of being human, of course).

How can we reconcile living in these two different worlds? How can we stay aligned with our true selves, quieting our mind when we can, trusting our higher guidance to help us along the way? Even more importantly, how can we support one another in this exciting time, one of great transformation but also with uncertainty?

This is a “monthly membership program” called The Soulful Work Community.  We meet monthly, both virtually and in-person (you can choose which works for you), on varying weekday evenings. 

In the Soulful Work Community, together we:

  • co-create our ideal future by raising our personal and collective vibrations through meditation, invocations and our own higher guidance
  • develop and enhance our intuitive abilities by practicing quieting our minds and working with light in our bodies
  • expand our abilities to hear, see and feel guidance from our Divine guides.
  • process negative emotions that hold us back from manifesting our soul purposes in our lives
  • tap into archangel energy to heal and transform us in any small moment in our lives (sometimes what can seem like miracles!)
  • integrate spiritual approaches into small moments of our everyday lives

The online platform for this will be on You’ll be able to access at anytime guided meditations, written reflections/handouts, videos from Rachel, interviews from Rachel's podcast The Courageous Path, recommended resources (books, videos, websites) and suggested actions for you to take!

Offered in the Soulful Work Community (no matter if you’re virtual or in-person!):

  • Monthly gatherings of all members (actually we meet every 3 weeks!), either in-person or virtual. Each gathering will offer: a teaching on a particular theme from Rachel, a guided meditation and a writing exercise. Gatherings occur on varying weekday evenings (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). If you miss an in-person gathering, you can join a virtual gathering instead (even if you are not "officially" a member). All virtual gatherings are recorded so you can watch later.
  • Individualized and group guidance from Rachel and from your new friends/members on what you’re experiencing right now in your life
  • Videos of teachings from Rachel - on topics like “processing negative emotions”, “accessing your intuition and getting Divine information” or “why it’s important to feel joy and raise your vibration”) to give you an inspired idea/thought that just might activate something within you!
  • New interviews on Rachel's podcast, The Courageous Path, of people she doing inspiring and brave work in their own lives
  • Recorded guided meditations of 10-15 minutes from Rachel created to help keep you aligned and balanced
  • Written tools and handouts created by Rachel (like working past the Inner Critic voice, visualizing/creating your ideal future, developing your intuition and communicating with spirit/angelic guides, using your emotions to guide you, everyday ways to quiet your mind and much, much more!)
  • A private Facebook community, aptly named The Soulful Work Community, to share ideas, get support from and basically make new friends with other like-minded souls!
  • Suggested actions to take each month based on the energy in the air at that time. (This includes taking action/starting new initiatives, balancing your chakras, forgiving/expressing gratitude, protecting your aura/energy!)
  • Discounts to other offerings of Rachel’s (such as live/virtual workshops and online courses)

This is designed to be an ongoing membership, but you can cancel at anytime! 

You can choose from a few different options to join The Soulful Work Community based on what you want, and where you live.

  • Virtual Only: a live monthly gathering on Zoom videoconference. You’ll also be able to chat with each other and share ideas and support! In these gatherings, you'll have the option of having your face on camera or having your cameras off! You'll meet in groups of 2 or 3 to share what's coming up for you and then come back to the larger group and to receive guidance from Rachel. Each gathering includes a teaching on a topic from Rachel, a guided meditation, small group work, a writing reflection and individual guidance (just as in-person!). Virtual membership limited to 30 people for more personalized, individual work. Gatherings are held on varying weekday evenings Eastern Standard Time. If you miss one, the gathering will be recorded so you can view it later!  $15 per month.
  • In-Person Only: an in-person monthly gathering at a location near Portland, Maine (and outdoors sometimes too!) Each gathering will include a teaching on a topic from Rachel, a guided meditation, small group work, a writing reflection and individual guidance (just like the virtual option!). In-person membership limited to 20 people for more personalized, individual work. Gatherings are held on varying weekday evenings Eastern Standard Time (occasional Sunday afternoons). If you miss one, you can either attend a virtual gathering as "make-up" or you'll have access to the recording of the virtual gathering so you can view it later! $25 per month.
  • Virtual and In-Person: you can join both the virtual gatherings and the in-person gatherings if you want frequent, more intensive support! The virtual and in-person gatherings are spaced apart so they occur about 1-2 weeks from each other. This option works well for you Mainers who are looking for a more intensive way to connect with people right around you and also with people from all over the world! Both virtual and live gatherings will be in the same format. $35 per month.

Important Note: If you are really struggling in your life, the Soulful Work Community will help with some of your needs, but not with all of them. Rachel also will recommend scheduling a separate individual guidance session to provide you with more in-depth support and guidance. Rachel will connect with each of you individually to ensure that this monthly membership is a good fit for your life right now.

Please note is meant for a small number of people to ensure that you get enough personalized time and guidance. Register soon to save a spot for yourself! This will be the first step in our connecting as souls as part of our new age of connection to our spiritual selves, to the Earth and to each other in an energetic web of life! May we be led forth with light, love and so much joy.