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We are more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

The gifts of Jesus, Buddha, Yoginanda and others are accessible to us all. But we have never been taught this in any traditional school, in fact it may have been hidden from us.

You are invited to join a group of us seeking to expand our light as spiritual beings. We as Souls Gathering Together seek to uncover the truth about who we really are. We seek to expand our consciousness and raise our vibration, healing ourselves with light, and then spreading that love to the world. Many of us are already doing work in this realm, but want to connect with other like-minded people and create a path forward together.

When we come together, we explore ideas around:

What can our role as individuals and as a group, in Portland, Maine and beyond, be in this movement to a new paradigm? How can we support each other to understand what is happening and to help others also adjust? What do we want to get out of a group such as this? What is our vision of a community of connected, caring humans here in southern Maine and on Earth?

See you in the group (and please reach out to me, Rachel Horton White, with any questions!)