If you are ready to begin sharing your healing/spiritual gifts with others, as a new career or as a side venture, but you are seeking support as you take risks and put yourself out there to the world, this Spiritual Mentoring Group may be right for you. You will meet with Rachel and with a small group of other expanding souls like you who are in the process of taking steps to offer their services to clients (such as in Reiki, IET, intuitive readings, life coaching or other spiritual practices).

You will learn resources, suggestions and action steps to help you move forward toward creating a spiritual business. And you will meet monthly with a small group of other healers/coaches/readers who are going through this process of being on a new career path just like you! You will be able to learn from each other, share experiences, successes, frustrations and joys together. This is not about comparing ourselves to others but on knowing that we are all simply mustering the course to say “YES” to fulfilling our roles as sharers of light and healing in a world that badly needs it. As part of our global awakening and consciousness shift, we need you to help!

Included in this monthly group will be mentoring, guidance and support. Rachel will be sharing tools that she uses and the “behind the scenes” details about how she operates her intuitive coaching business.

Topics for each month may include:

  • Developing (and trusting) your intuition

  • Doing intuitive readings for others

  • Connecting with higher guidance (angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, Akashic Records, etc.)

  • Life coaching strategies, approaches and techniques

  • Mindfulness exercises for clients

  • Setting up a website

  • Managing finances

  • Pricing

  • Social media outreach

  • Blog-writing

  • Client outreach

  • Enhancing self-confidence!

  • Maintaining energetic boundaries

  • Self-care routines, including a regular meditation practice

There will be a private Facebook group for members to connect with each other regularly. (You will be strongly encouraged also to join the Soulful Work Community for additional learning and support!)

You will have an “accountability” partner to check in with between meetings, to offer each other support and encouragement!

Each month, 3 people will have a chance to have individual time to share what they are seeking in expanding their sharing their gifts with others for Rachel and other group members to offer guidance and suggestions. The following month, the other 3 people will have their turn. Each meeting will generally look like this:

  • Check-Ins – 15 minutes

  • Topic (Rachel) – 20 minutes

  • Individual Time – 60 minutes (20 minutes each for 3 people each week)

  • Setting Intentions/Action Steps/Accountability Partners – 20 minutes


This group is limited to 6 people to ensure personal attention and connection. This is for people who have already worked through some blocks, ideally you have been a past client of Rachel’s and have done some deep inner work. You are now ready to put yourself out there, to take risks, to work past fears (that you have already identified!) and to start receiving energetic compensation for your gifts! Please contact Rachel before registering for this group to determine if this group is right for you. If you seem to be in need of deeper support, Rachel will recommend individual guidance sessions instead.


We will meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Sage Wellness Therapeutic Bodywork, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine from 6-8 pm.  The monthly subscription for "membership" in this group is $50/month ($45/month for Soulful Work Community members). While this is designed a 6 month-membership, you are welcome to continue your membership after 6 months.

Please contact Rachel before registering to ensure this is a good fit for you!