Prior to coming to Rachel, I was convinced I was about to be divorced for my 2nd time. My life was filled with stress, yelling and tears. I was physically ill and unable to run my business. After my time with Rachel, I am happy to say my marriage is better than ever, I am feeling physically better and have started a new business! I could not have accomplished any of that without Rachel’s help teaching me to quiet my mind and add meditation to find peace and have a grateful heart. Rachel does transform lives!
— C.H.
My intuitive session went extremely well. Rachel “found” me right where I was at and was able to immediately go from there to assist me with very practical ways I could deal with my fears. I loved the meditation that we did together as I so need practice and doing this and relaxing. Rachel gave me many tips that I could use immediately and she did this in such an affirming, calm manner. I really have not ever been accustomed to asking my angels for help or differentiating between angels and spirit guides and I felt more enlightened about this. Rachel makes one feel so cared about and so connected to positive healing that I could have had the session go on and on. It was a wonderful experience and I hope that others will take advantage of Rachel’s evolved gifts that she shares so freely.
— N.K.
I have received very positive feedback from Sage Wellness clients who have attended Rachel’s workshops. Her topics are well aligned with our mission to reduce stress and pain and foster healing on many levels. Her ability to break down complicated topics in a manageable way, giving participants practical tools they can use in everyday life, is so appreciated by our clients. Rachel clearly cares deeply about the well-being of those attending her workshops and gives them a great gift of the tools for self-reflection and concrete steps to make changes in their lives.
— Melissa Walsh, LMT Owner/Manager of Sage Wellness LLC
It is an honor for me to have some of your time. I always enjoy seeing you and listening to your ideas. You are expanding me toward something a little different from what I have been, and it seems all positive to me at this point. Lots of people are noticing that there is something different about me... I do totally trust you as an honest, smart, and loving person trying to improve this world. You have your work cut out for you.
— W.J.
The consulting session I had with Rachel was quite enlightening. In sitting and talking with Rachel she was able to offer me valuable insight to my professional endeavors that previously I just had not seen. Her unbiased outside viewpoint of my work with sound was just what I needed to get my creativity flowing in completely new directions. I would recommend working with Rachel to anyone that is trying to find their place and their niche in this shifting world. It’s a wonderful way to open up and see more of the potentials that you are already standing on. Thank you Rachel.
— Ben Carroll, Sound Healer - InnerSelfSustained
Life is full of challenges and often times when faced with these struggles, we feel as though we are fighting the battle alone. It is important to remember that we are NEVER alone...there is an endless supply of love, support and guidance to be received if you are willing to ask. Rachel and her workshops are a wonderful source of knowledge and support for those looking to make a spiritual transformation in their lives!!
— S.F.
Two very different ways of seeing the world — the practical/traditional business side and the metaphysical/spiritual side created a workshop that allows you to explore both sides easily together to identify your true passion and wishes. Even though I left the workshop not knowing exactly what my next step would be, I came away feeling like I knew I was open to the signs I knew would be coming, and that I’d be able to see them for what they are. The stuff that gets brought up, about your life, your purpose, why we’re all doing all of this living every day. It’s intense stuff, and this workshop really brings to light what is great in YOU, and what you really want to bring about in your time, how you want to use your own unique self.
— M.L.
Working with Rachel has been such a gift! I feel as though words can’t really express the level of gratitude I feel towards not only Rachel, but to the Universe for facilitating our connection (as well as the connections made in our very special group). Incredible! Diving into the dark, healing and embracing my higher self has changed my life forever and moved me towards a path I could only have dreamed, existed. The incredible light she shares, truly changes our lives and world for the better. Rachel makes a difference simply by embracing who she is and the light she embodies. I am so excited to continue to dive deep and expand (even when it’s difficult), so that I too, can be a source of light and love in this beautiful world. “And so it will be”.
— H.D.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rachel and hosting her in my yoga studio for specialty workshops on various topics. I first began working with Rachel last February, and in many ways I feel it was the law of attraction that brought us together. What has impressed me about Rachel is how she communicates with such professionalism, understanding and compassion. I was excited to partner with her on bringing her workshops to the South Portland community, and throughout each workshop she is able to shed new light on a topic for me. She is relatable, personable, down to earth, and has an ability to meet each participant exactly where they are. She has a way of communicating ideas that can feel abstract in a way that is very practical. I am also impressed with how she is prepared, organized and timely as she holds each workshop, as well as in our preparation of marketing her workshops. For each workshop she offers me a beautiful description, images & flyers for marketing, and even goes a step beyond to hand-deliver flyers for her workshops! All of which makes hosting Rachel a breeze!
— Maura Reminga, Co-Owner, Willard Beach Studio
You really do get me and how refreshing is that! I believe we all need a checkpoint in our evolution and that is what you have become for me. I know my path is in this direction and everything is seeming to flow so easily! I thank you for sharing with me some of the outlets you have discovered. I hope to some day be able to offer value to you in your world as well.
— R.N.
Life is a journey, and if you are considering working with Rachel or taking one of her courses you are on the right path. Rachel has compiled a wealth of resources, not to mention her own ability to help you cut through the chatter and get to your core principals. Whether you are looking to make a change in your life in general or your work, the materials and exercises Rachel offers will put you in a space to reinforce your best intentions and bolster your confidence in yourself. It is an investment, and for some a first step, towards contributing to life forces that are trying to help us move to a better place. I highly recommend working with Rachel. She is a wise and caring person, who has taken some brave steps herself. She knows what she is talking about!
— Ed Bryan, Crystal Reporting Solutions
Rachel really hit all the points for me. She has great ideas on journaling and things to reflect on. I am so so glad that I signed up for the online course. I feel like it already has been life changing! To think about where I will be at the end of it and beyond is really very exciting. I have found multiple things to take away and so much insight and wisdom in all the posts, activities and videos in the course. It’s so exciting because I can already feel shifts in the way I think and view the world and respond to situations.
— K.M.
I’m feeling extremely grateful and blessed these days. Being introduced to you Rachel has put me on a path that my soul has yearned for. I am feeling so good inside and feel my life is heading in the right direction. The picture in my mind is a path made of rocks in a wooded area. I jump from stone to stone as I get closer to my soul’s true purpose.
— L.P.
I thank Rachel so much for all the gentle pushing, guiding, mentoring, and cheering she has done for me over these three months. I truly could not have launched in this direction without her. I’m excited to see where that energy will take me!
— J.G.
Your course has been wonderful Rachel- and I am grateful to have your videos and resources to go to now and again as I navigate this very odd time in life! But I love that all the content is there for me if I fall just a touch behind. Have really loved everything and know this is what I have been needing! Just testing the waters and taking action steps to see how I feel while I am doing it- will allow me to connect more to what I really want. You do a wonderful job.
— M.Q.
I wasn’t looking for a coach, but working with Rachel has been thought provoking and supportive as I forage my way in a new business and developing spirituality. Rachel has provided resources and tools to push through barriers that I didn’t even know I had.
— A.Q.
Keep doing what you’re doing, you are amazing! You give me such a sense of peace when I am around you. Thank you for being you!
— Anonymous
My world has changed, my life is shifting to amazing new levels and I am truly grateful to you! I don’t even know how to fully express how incredible I feel and the signs that just keep coming, the shift I am feeling, It is truly amazing!!!! I am excited each day to see the messages, answers to my questions and the guidance leading on this journey! I am forever grateful that you came in to my life and are my angel on earth!! So much love & gratitude!
— L.M.
A grateful thank you to you, Rachel, and to the Soulful Work Community that you have birthed. After meeting once and connecting with our Facebook group, I am feeling loved, supported, encouraged and held. I have been very aware, each morning as I committed to, of my intentions for the day. I am so grateful for your guided meditation, Rachel, and the teaching on protecting and clearing my energy... Everything is already alright!
— J.T.
I’m very grateful for the session I had with Rachel. She definitely is a spiritual intuitive. She’s compassionate, a great communicator, and listener. Her spiritual understanding and of human nature is exceptional. She guided me through some very emotional and difficult problems I’ve been having. Thank you Rachel. May you be blessed.
— P.B.
When I first learned about Rachel and her work, I was excited to share it with as many people as I could. Rachel created a platform for these conversations to happen by setting the foundation on what it takes to arrive to your truth and achieve clarity. The workshop focused on helping participants connect with feelings, messages sent by their physical body. Through her activities and astute observations, Rachel helped our participants and team members rethink first becoming aware, then curious, then eager and welcoming a quieting of the mind through visualization. Rachel was able to empower people to take responsibility and know that it is in their hands to shift their view on their world.
— Andreea Paine, Job Connection Program, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England
Our talk was magical. Thank you so much. Since we spoke, I have felt so much better, and have done a number of things I’d been putting off for ages. The positive statements have also really been helping. I am looking forward to exploring what I really want for my life (and hopefully how one day I can share light the way you do). I cherish your knowledge and trust it, so your info on things “down the rabbit hole” is exciting for me!! You are helping people towards a higher good ... you are vastly improving my quality of life. You inspire me and are such a good role model for those around you!!
— G.W.
Rachel’s workshop offered me a much needed respite from the January doldrums. Rachel has a way of breaking down complex concepts so they are easy for me to understand and apply to my every day life. After our session, I felt revived and ready to return to my hectic schedule. I learned some practical strategies to help me feel centered and calm. Rachel’s workshop offered a perfect balance of sharing fascinating information and allowing participants an opportunity to write, reflect, and meditate. Thank you, Rachel!
— C.P.
With Rachel I have gained a lot of important info into my “potential futures.” She has given me a lot consider on many fronts moving forward. Rachel is an amazing resource. I look forward to working more closely with her.
— C.M.
Thank you so much for the reading. It was profoundly helpful and spot on. I have been letting it “settle in” and was especially moved by the information and conversation about my son. I am now in the process of letting myself off the hook of guilt. He is indeed a beautiful man inside and outside. Rachel, thank you again for sharing your gifts and wise guidance.
— C.G.