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The Inner Critic Workshop

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If you’re feeling stuck, depressed, stressed or just frustrated in an any area of your life, chances are an Inner Critic is running your life right now!

You don’t need to suffer like this anymore. It’s time to stop allowing this false chatter or mean little self-talk to dominate your days anymore and stop holding you back from what you long to do and who you long to be.

One of the most incredible tools I have ever encountered is that of the Inner Critic. When I did this with my former coach, I instantly felt a huge energetic weight lifted. It was a moment I will never forget.

This writing experience, simply here called “The Inner Critic Workshop,” is one that I have not ever done outside of private coaching. I am sharing it with you now in the hopes that you might get to feel the transformation that I did.

We all have this little voice inside of us that tells us all kinds of mean things about ourselves. Why we’re not good enough, why we are never going to make enough money, that we are not likable, that we should worry about what people will think, why we should do something or shouldn’t do something else. It is the negative aspect of our Ego self, a falsely-created identity that society has created. It usually is created in childhood by something an adult (usually) says or does that has a lasting effect. Sometimes it is an innocuous comment, sometimes it is serious trauma.

As we grow older and go out into the world, this negative Ego self grows stronger and evolves into what are sometimes called the voices of what I like to call the Inner Critic. There are actually many different types of voices (not in a schizophrenic way) that usually come from people we know in our lives.

When we take the time to dissect these Inner Critics and identify when they come out in our lives (usually when we’re pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones since the Ego really doesn’t like that), we can see them for what they are.

Here’s the amazing part: a writing exercise that personifies the strongest Inner Critic voice as if it were a person and then separates from it. If there’s time, you may be able to work through even another Inner Critic voice!

In this workshop, you’ll receive detailed teachings from Rachel Horton White, an intuitive coach and spiritual counselor with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, about these negative Ego self (Inner Critic), as opposed to the Higher Self (our soul).

In our time together, we will:

  • Sit quietly and do some personal reflection
  • Receive one-on-one guidance from Rachel about what your Inner Critic might be saying
  • Get it down on paper and talk about it
  • Write, write and write anything and everything that comes out of you – verbally vomit!
  • Learn about what to do if the Inner Critic tries to show up again in your everyday life 
  • Enjoy some tea and snacks (we still need to have some fun, after all!)

You will, with about 95% guarantee (you have free will so it’s not 100%!), after this workshop feel:
- A very real shifting in your life
- Potentially ready to make a significant life change
- Capable to take steps toward achieving a goal, a new way of living, or anything you’ve been long wanting to do

I’ve done this exercise on my own about 5-6 times and have identified and separated from many Inner Critic voices hanging out in there. Different ones come at various times in our lives, depending on what we are doing. It's then a matter of just noticing the voice and not listening to it in your waking life!

IMPORTANT NOTE: please contact Rachel either by message here or by email (rhortonwhite@soulfulworkconsulting.com) before registering for this workshop by answering the following questions to ensure this is a good fit for you:
1) What is happening in your life right now so that this workshop is of interest?
2) Please talk about your comfort level doing deeply personal work in a group setting. Thank you!

This is a profoundly emotional experience that can be difficult to work through. Be aware that negative Ego voice will vigorously resist this process and will probably come up with reasons for you not to go, right up until the last minute! Be not afraid. Rachel will create a safe space for you to process a part of you that has been with you for a very long time that you are choosing no longer to carry with you. And you do not need to share publicly with the group if you are not comfortable. Rachel will take time to work with you individually. But you are encouraged to openly and verbally process with the group if possible to help release the Inner Critic. Each participant will be asked to keep all that is shared confidential and private.

Details: Wednesday, June 14th at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. Entrance in rear (plenty of parking). 5:30-8 pm, $65/person. Take-home handouts provided along with tea and snacks!

The Inner Critic Workshop