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Sometimes we come across people in our lives who we find incredibly inspiring, who persevere through significant difficulty for a greater cause. When it comes to our children, as parents we can be sometimes unstoppable. This is the case with Bo Bigelow, who exemplifies someone walking a courageous path through his advocacy for his daughter, tirelessly seeking answers on the rare disease that has rendered her non-verbal, and also in through political activism that is having a direct impact in our country today. I hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation with Bo.

Remembering the Power of Our Own Hands: Interview with Kimberly Coburn

So many of us are longing to just make something with our hands, to get back in touch with the basic human desires of years past to plant, make and create. Kimberly Coburn has created an initiative that does just that, but with intention: connecting people with ways to learn sustainable, back-to-Earth skills through Homestead Atlanta. Join us for this conversation on her role in the movement away from consumerism, globalism and materialism back to human-scaled living and self-reliance. This work is a key component of our massive shift in consciousness to an age of unity, shared understanding and coming from a place of love for each other and for the Earth. May this inspire us all to share food with a neighbor, grow some veggies in our yards or just learn how to knit. It will fuel our souls and our hearts in more ways than we know.

Reaching Out and Taking Action: Interview with Lynda Adams

Sometimes it is just about reaching out to other people, taking action in small moments that can lead to magical, synchronistic moments. Join me for this interview with my friend Lynda Adams, in which she shares how she continues to grow each day - in big ways - by noticing the serendipitous occurrences in her life and by taking small actions every day to bring her closer to what the universe is nudging her towards. From running for (and winning) public office, singing in a rock band, hosting her own radio show, to being involved in several spiritual, wellness-based businesses, Lynda offers us a glimpse into her creating a meaningful, and exciting life.

From Capitalist to Communal - Cooperatives Transforming Our Economy: Interview with Jonah Fertig

Jonah Fertig is someone who doesn’t just talk about the change that he’d like to see in the world, he makes it happen. As a visionary, a leader and someone with a passionate heart to make the world a better, and fairer, place, Jonah has used his energy, ideas, and motivation to make lasting change in the new, sharing economy in Maine and in New England. In our conversation here, Jonah discusses his work in activism around the country, in standing up for what he believes in (people over profit), and his creating cooperative structures in food and land to help us move to a new paradigm based on an equitable, communal system. Jonah’s efforts have already changed the economy of Maine for the better and improved the lives of hardworking people that live there.

Spreading Happiness One Smile at at Time: Interview with Ryan Espjerg

When I first heard about Ryan Espjerg and Flex Your Face, I found the excitement, positivity and magnetism around Ryan and his engaging presence captivating. Ryan sat down with me one day and explained what this movement around smiling was all about - it is a brilliant way to spread happiness, gratitude and just help people to uplift their own lives and the lives of others. It is my hope that more of us now have the inspiration and courage to do what Ryan has done to bring light and joy to the world.

Beautifying Ourselves and Our World with Art Therapy: Interview with Ann Lawton

I am always inspired when I come across people sharing their full, creative selves with the world. Ann Lawton is one of those people, not only making beautiful things and putting them out there, but also supporting people struggling in some way with expressing their soul through creating something with their hands as an art therapist. Join us for a conversation in this interview on how art can be used to express our innermost selves when words fail us, how we can overcome our fear of rejection/not being good enough to just start playing with color or even Dollar Store toys, to re-discover our creative nature and express what's deep within us longing to come out.

Finding Your Bliss: Interview with Thomas McPherson

I am thrilled to share this interview on fear, courage, taking risks and experiencing both failure and success with Thomas McPherson. Many of us have heard about how you can co-create a life that you might only be dreaming of right now. It is rare to meet someone who has successfully done just that. In this interview with Thomas (our second interview since his first was so popular), listen to how Thomas decided to bring about financial freedom in his life, how he tried different approaches, failed, learned, experimented and most importantly, believed in himself. Listening to this interview may just change your life.

Bridging the Intuitive and the Analytical: Interview with Graham Connolly

How can we learn to trust our intuition to guide us in life? Why is it that our manifestation efforts don’t seem to “work” sometimes? In this interview, Graham Connolly, a psychic/medium (and former engineer), explores these ideas based on his own life experience of bridging the analytical with the intuitive, with coming to embrace his psychic gifts, and with his work now in shamanic healing and teaching about mediumship. Learn about why we experience trauma in our lives (part of our soul contract with another about a lesson to learn), how to make friends with the negative Ego trying to hold us back, and how you can begin to do intuitive work yourself by becoming “comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Faith Through Trauma and Transition: Interview with Matthew Francis

When in the presence of a courageous, resilient and trusting souls, such as Matthew Francis, one knows that there is great wisdom being shared. I was blessed to sit down with Matthew to discuss his incredible journey from significant childhood trauma, struggles with mental health, recovery from cancer, grappling with his faith in God, and with transitioning from female to male. In our conversation, Matthew dives in deep to why the mental health system is broken, sharing his personal experience and offering potentially transformational solutions. He talks about his experience being transgender, offering insight into how people can learn to understand, and relate better to, people in the trans community. He even touches upon the “othering” that happens with race and gender. He talks about why some people react out of fear to transgendered people. And Matthew shares a beautiful story about a supernatural experience he had with angels coming to him after he suffered a vicious beating as a young child. Lastly, Matthew talks about how his faith in God has fueled him, how he reconciled his fear of God to understanding that he, along with all humans, are beloved.

A Slave to the Needle No Longer: Interview with Shane Yonuss

Too often we hear of lives ending or being destroyed due to drug addiction. But there are some who recover from the brink of death to bounce back and live their lives to the fullest. Shane Yonuss is one of those brave souls. In this interview, Shane shares how he escaped the vicious cycle of opiate addiction. He simply decided that he was tired of being “under the thumb” of heroin and made a pact to never do it again. And he didn’t. His music fueled him forward, and his support from his wife keeps him going today. On his ten-year anniversary of the last day he ever used, Shane decided to share words of inspiration and courage with those he knew were still suffering from addiction.

Healing the Body with Food: Interview with Cheryl Horton

With a body torn apart by Lyme disease and a prescribed diet of pills, Cheryl Horton knew there was a better way. Learn here about how she transformed her body, mind and spirit with healthy eating of raw foods, homeopathy and diving in deep to her thoughts. She even started a business to help others, including her own family, do the same. Cheryl shares her experiences with a highly intuitive, autistic son and her fight to help him understand his place in the world and eventually even to teach others.

Saving our Plants, our Bees and our Lives: Interview with Avery Yale Kamila

Pesticide use is one of the hidden killers of many forms of life. Bees, which are crucial to sustaining our food supply, are dying at unprecedented rates due to chemical poisoning from spraying of lawns, golf courses, orchards and other grassy areas and plants. Pesticide consumption on fruit, vegetables and exposure from lawn care companies is linked to cancer rates among children and animals. Thankfully, activists like Avery Yale Kamila are working hard to educate us all about the dangers of this, and the importance of buying organic and allowing our lawns to grow naturally. In this interview, Avery discusses her work through Portland Protectors, what lawn care/pesticide companies are hiding from you and how we can all take small steps to promote chemical-free lawns, plants and bees.

Connection, Community and the Future of Modern Health Care: Interview with Dr. Catherine Krouse

Many of us are searching for more holistic ways to approach our health and the connection we have with our care providers. Dr. Catherine Krouse is on the cutting-edge of innovation in health care with a direct primary care model she created in Lotus Family Practice in Famouth, Maine. With this centered around personal connection, community, holistic and herbal remedies and wellness. No insurance companies, just you and personal attention from the doctor! Amazing.

The Wisdom of Humans and Animals: Interview with Paul Knoll

I had the joy of speaking with Paul Knoll recently about his work in To Live For, his sharing the stories of others, and his experiences in his shamanic practice. Join me for this conversation with Paul about promoting the passions and gifts of others, learning from the wisdom of animals and Native American traditions, and how we can rediscover our childhood gifts and connect with Nature to find our purpose and listen better to the Earth.

Your Human Potential: Interview with Ronnie Landis

You won't want to miss the transformational words here of Ronnie Landis, a brilliant soul doing ground-breaking work in nutrition, the field of human potential and in the mind-body-soul connection. With a diet raw, plant-based foods and a spiritual consciousness , Ronnie healed his own body and now works with thousands of others to do the same. Ronnie's insights into thoughts becoming material manifestations, releasing ourselves from emotional toxicity that impacts every other areas of our lives, and aligning with the spirit of the Creator truly will alter how you think and act in your own life.

Fueling the Entrepreneur Inside: Interview with Becky McKinnell

Becky McKinnell is a unique sort of person. She started her own business at the age of 22, and it has grown into a successful company. Join me in this interview with Becky on how she did it; her story on fueling the inner drive toward her vision, working hard to overcome barriers, and always abiding by her mantra of relationships coming first.


Sacred Adornments of the Body: Interview with Mary Schmaling-Kearns

It is always so inspiring to witness someone embracing their truth and following their heart. Mary Schmaling-Kearns is one of these gifted souls drawn to helping others recognize the sacredness of their bodies through henna art, Reiki and tattooing. Learn about how she found this field, began transforming the lives of clients, and developed her passions into a business in this interview.


Reconnecting to a Future on Earth: Interview with Claire Maitre

Many of us are aware that humans have been causing the destruction of the Earth for years now. We often feel scared, angry and helpless about what we can do to shift the tides and heal the planet. Thankfully, there is a movement afoot, called The Great Turning, founded by Joanna Macy, which provides us with a course of action as we move from an industrial growth society to one that supports and nurtures all forms of life on Earth. Claire Maitre is a teacher and a leader in this movement through the Work That Reconnects network. I am so delighted to share this interview today with Claire. Be sure to check out at 50:47 Claire's hopeful message about how, by focusing purely on love and on small, everyday actions, we can help to heal ourselves and our Earth.


Interview with Michael Levine: Making Change in Workplace Culture

Large workplaces can be intimidating places for employees, especially for those who are unhappy in their jobs. Michael Levine exemplifies someone working to change that. In this interview, Michael shares how he found the courage to speak up and advocate, on a regular basis, for positive culture change in an institutional setting. He also shares words of advice to those who are looking for a new career... it's about trusting the universe! Michael's energy, positive outlook and passions outside of his job will surely inspire many of us in the workforce to similarly create a happier work environment and life!


Interview with Jamie O'Sullivan: Choosing to Live

It is my honor to introduce the story of my friend Jamie O'Sullivan. A business owner, deejay, and hair cutter/colorist, Jamie is a wise, old soul who has shared his mind-expanding thoughts with me over the years (as he styles my hair). In this interview, Jamie boldly shares his story of how receiving an HIV diagnosis at a young age changed his life forever and opened his heart and soul to appreciating life, especially by being connected to others and to something beyond himself. In making the simple choice to live, rather than accepting a possibility of death, Jamie is an inspiration.


Interview with Robert Atkinson: The Journey of the Soul

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity speak with a wise and compassionate soul, Robert Atkinson. Through his fascinating life studying with Joseph Campbell and Pete Seeger, living in a Franciscan monastery, and delving into soul-making through the journey of the hero and through the Baha'i faith, Bob has a depth of wisdom that will surely help us all in our evolution toward our collective unity as the consciousness of one. Don't miss at 32:52 his sharing on the three phases of the evolution of human consciousness (through his next book), the last of which we are entering now as we return to our sacred roots of living in alignment with all that is.

Interview with Patrick Roche: Revolutionizing the Modern Workforce

There is a movement happening around the world toward a remote workforce. While this is a blessing in many ways, people also crave connection with others. In this interview, Patrick Roche discusses the power of co-working and people's deep urges, a tribal mentality of sorts, to interact with other human beings. Patrick explains here how, through the blend of modern technology and a return to community connection, co-working will be the salvation of our economy.

Interview with Erin Curren: Awakening the Body's Life Force

In this interview with Erin Curren, Nia teacher, improv actress, and professor of French, we explore the gifts of the body in awakening the life force from within, stepping out of a comfort zone to find growth, and the importance of staying open to what life brings for our livelihoods, our learning and our highest potential on the planet. Be sure to listen at 19:06 to Erin talking about awakening passion, sensation and awareness in the body to uncover one's life purpose through Nia.

Interview with Seth Leaf Pruzansky: The Nature of Our Reality

The nature of reality, human suffering and our understanding of our own existence are among the topics that Seth Leaf Pruzansky discusses in this interview of exploration, awareness and discovery. Check out at 21:58 a 10-minute clip in which Seth and I talk about the generational dissociation with reality, and how we as humans can shift our limited perceptions of who we are to experience less suffering in our lives and on the planet.

Interview with Ben Carroll: Music and Spiritual Connection

I was blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with this inspirational man, musician, healer and kind spirit. Join me for an illuminating interview with Ben Carroll, sharing his life story as a successful musician and his path to re-discovering himself through a deeper connection to spirituality and music. Don't miss the 4-minute clip at 22:40 when Ben talks about our understanding and embracing the change that we're experiencing at deep levels on our planet. It will open your mind in ways you never thought were possible!


Uniting Our Consciousness Through Yoga: Interview with Susannah Sanfilippo

I am delighted to share this interview with Susannah Sanfilippo, a yoga teacher offering The Yoga of Susannah yoga and guided meditations, on how she found yoga, kirtan (despite feeling like she couldn't sing!), and immersed herself in her "home" (the world of yoga) by becoming a teacher. Join us for this rich conversation on human consciousness, the yearning for connection, and the power of yoga to unite body and soul.

Courage in Speaking The Truth: Interview with Ralph McGehee

Ralph McGehee is one of the most courageous humans I have ever met. And he also happens to my grandfather, my Papa. It is my deep honor to have had the privilege to interview him about his life serving in the CIA in Southeast Asia, and his disillusionment with what he was being asked to do by the US government. His bravery in sharing the truth, in going public with a book that was widely received by the press and the American public. He is an inspiration to me and I think to many others as well.

When We Dream Together, It Becomes Reality: Interview with Parivash Rohani

Join me for this illuminating interview with Parivash Rohani, a Baha'i from Iran, who left her country fleeing religious persecution and now is an activist for social justice and freedom. Her words about the importance of standing up for what you believe in, working with other people and weaving humanity together in truth and love.

Mustering Courage: Interview with Lael Jepson

I have been waiting for some time to interview this incredible woman, my former coach, who helped me change my life to do this work. Join me for this illuminating conversation with Lael Jepson of SheChanges about mustering courage, getting to the edge of fear, and riveting storytelling.

Stepping To The Edge: Interview with Thomas McPherson

I am thrilled to share this interview on fear, courage, taking risks and experiencing both failure and success with Thomas McPherson. A real estate entrepreneur, base-jumper, Thomas is a visionary seeking to help heal the planet through sustainable development powered by 100% renewable energy. He is currently working on one of the first electric vehicle ride-sharing programs in the US, as well as a hydroponic edible landscape on a development project in Phoeniz, Arizona.

Poems Rising Out: Interview with Keith Dunlap

I was lucky enough to borrow the time of Keith Dunlap, local poet, former attorney and owner of Black Cat Coffee in Portland, Maine. Join me for this rich conversation with Keith about his path to becoming a prolific and published poet, inspiration and facing rejection, and finding a home for poems that seem to arise from within. 

Quieting The Thinking Mind: Interview with Frank Sanfilippo

Join me for an interview with Frank Sanfilippo, a friend, fellow spiritual seeker, and one of the most peaceful, kind, gentle souls I have ever me, who who embodies the concept of a bodhisattva (he would probably not want me to say that). A kindred soul who is giving back to the world through supporting others in therapeutic and quiet ways.

Tapping Into Universal Life Forces: Interview with Heather Nichols

I was blessed with the opportunity to chat with Heather Nichols, an intuitive healer, Tarot and astrology reader, and owner of Stones & Stuff in Portland, Maine. Heather has an incredible gift for accessing higher guidance and seeing and conveying the deep truth in the lives of others (I have gone to Heather for years for Tarot readings!). Join me for this rich conversation about her tapping into universal and loving wisdom, supporting others to access their emotions and to step through fear along the path to their higher purpose in life.

Emotions and Energy: Interview with Jeff Lieberman

For my very first podcast interview, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with an old friend of mine from my college days, Jeff Lieberman. A gifted physicist, artist, musician, and so much, much more. Please check out his thoughts on energy, spirituality, meditation, creativity and inspiration, and hope.

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