Welcome to The Courageous Path podcast, in which I talk with people who I find inspiring and who are doing courageous and magical things in their lives. This podcast also offers guided meditations, which you can find on a separate page here. You can follow The Courageous Path on Soundcloud or subscribe on Itunes so you never miss an episode! 

Recent Podcast Interviews:

Angels Among Us: Interview with Liz Colburn

It is such an honor for me to share an interview with one of the kindest souls I have ever met. She is Liz Colburn (otherwise known as Zizzy to those under 3 years old), and she has cared for my children for the past 6 years. My life changed when I met Lizzy, in more ways than one. It was Liz that suggested I hire a life coach (Lael Jepson specifically!) when I was struggling in my former job. I did as she suggested, and it changed my life. Liz embodies compassion and kindness, showering pure love on everyone she meets. If you meet Liz, you will feel her light shine on you too. And this interview is one that touched me deeply, to hear of her life experiences and her overcoming deep trauma to be the luminous soul that she is today, experiencing the healing and miraculous presence of angels to help her through the pain. It is truly a blessing for me to know Liz Colburn. I believe that she is actually an "angel among us."

The Mantra of Vision, Action and Music: Interview with Cesar "Visual" Zamudio

Cesar "Visual" Zamudio makes things happen - his mantra of "don't dream, make plans, execute" is clearly one that he embodies in every sense of the word. As a rapper and hip hop artist, producer, consulting company, record label owner, teacher, father and podcaster, Cesar's message of change, consciousness and positivity is rooted in inspiring people, especially youth, to be the best versions of themselves they can be.


Stronger Every Day: Interview with Bo Bigelow

Sometimes we come across people in our lives who we find incredibly inspiring, who persevere through significant difficulty for a greater cause. When it comes to our children, as parents we can be sometimes unstoppable. This is the case with Bo Bigelow, who exemplifies someone walking a courageous path through his advocacy for his daughter, tirelessly seeking answers on the rare disease that has rendered her non-verbal, and also in through political activism that is having a direct impact in our country today. I hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation with Bo.

My Grandfather's Story

Courage in Speaking The Truth: Interview with Ralph McGehee

Ralph McGehee is one of the most courageous humans I have ever met. And he also happens to my grandfather, my Papa. It is my deep honor to have had the privilege to interview him about his life serving in the CIA in Southeast Asia, and his disillusionment with what he was being asked to do by the US government. His bravery in sharing the truth, in going public with a book that was widely received by the press and the American public. He is an inspiration to me and I think to many others as well.

My Cause

Saving our Plants, our Bees and our Lives: Interview with Avery Yale Kamila

Pesticide use is one of the hidden killers of many forms of life. Bees, which are crucial to sustaining our food supply, are dying at unprecedented rates due to chemical poisoning from spraying of lawns, golf courses, orchards and other grassy areas and plants. Pesticide consumption on fruit, vegetables and exposure from lawn care companies is linked to cancer rates among children and animals. Thankfully, activists like Avery Yale Kamila are working hard to educate us all about the dangers of this.

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