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The Real Law of Attraction: How it Can Work in Your Life

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What exactly is the Law of Attraction? Also known as the Law of Resonance, it is a universal, energetic law (such as gravity) in which our thoughts and emotions create a frequency, like a radio wave. And this vibrational wave attracts similar frequencies, such as experiences, people, things or opportunities, into our daily reality.

Maybe you have tried practicing this Law in your own life (because it sounds pretty awesome, right?) but have struggled. There are many “how-to” products out there to help us work through the little bits of thoughts that might be coming up that block us (because it is pretty hard to be aware of every single thought). While these tools are important, there are a few pieces about the other “Divine laws” that aren’t talked about but that are important to understand (such as your soul purpose, free will, and lessons to be learned).

In this workshop, you will learn about how to co-create a reality you desire, put out a frequency of that reality and then watch it unfold in waking life (it takes time for the big things).

You will:

-       envision your potential future by accessing your subconscious in guided meditation

-       write in detail about your future life vision and how you want to feel!

-       learn about why your vision can become blocked from unfolding in reality (self-defeating thoughts!) and what to do about it

-       verbally process in pairs when you’ve tried manifesting in the past and understand why it didn’t “work” and why it did

You will leave with handouts to take with you and integrate into your everyday life!

Tuesday, October 17th, 5:30-7:30 pm at Willard Beach Studio. Please register in advance (space is limited). This is the first workshop in a series of three. Register for all three at $50/person, or $55/person for just this workshop.Cost: $55/person ($50 if register for all 3 workshops).