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Finding Stillness in Any Moment (Pay What You Can!)

Finding Stillness workshop.png

Finding the time to quiet our minds is not only a nice thing to do, it can be essential to managing our emotions, energy and worries/doubts/fears (which can block us in many ways).

The practice of quieting the mind (aka meditation) can help you re-wire your brain so you learn to let go of negative, self-defeating (and very subconscious) thoughts.

In this workshop, you will enjoy a guided meditation to find stillness, and learn practical tools to begin quieting your mind in any mundane moment throughout your busy days. Take-home handouts provided.

Sunday, December 17th from 4-5 pm at Sage Wellness at 980 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. Pay what you can and please register in advance. Suggested donation of $10-20. (Pay $20 or use coupon codes 5OFF to pay $15 or 10OFF to pay $10). Practice using the energy you have to give through money as an exchange for what you feel you will receive.