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Thriving as a Spiritual Introvert

“I observe more than I speak. Just because I’m not saying anything doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.”

Do you identify as an introvert, and a spiritual person at the same time? The word introvert is not an insult. Much of our society today caters to extroverts (workplaces, schools, social gatherings), but much of the creative and ground-breaking innovations and movements have been spearheaded by introverts (such as Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Zuckerberg, Rosa Parks and Warren Buffett).

We constitute only 1/3 of the population, but we have a quiet power than cannot be underestimated. We listen before we speak. We need time alone to recharge. We value silence above needless conversation.

But why do we still feel like we are ashamed of being an introvert? Like we need to apologize for who we are? Not anymore.

We are now in a shift in consciousness in our world, a moving into the Divine feminine energy (versus the Divine masculine, which has dominated our world for thousands of years). So what does this mean for introverts? Well, it might just be our turn to shine. For people to pause and listen to what we have to share with the world.

We spend so much time observing others as introverts, but sometimes this leads to comparing ourselves to others and feeling bad about ourselves. These comparisons can lead to negative thinking and almost like a state of paralysis, in which we are too afraid to take action in our lives in any area. We know that we push ourselves outside our comfort zone to speak publicly or put ourselves out there, but we also know that it’s not really us.

And what do you want to share with the world? Do you have an idea or a message that you want to get out there? Or do you just want to explore your passion in a way that feels acceptable to you and those around you?

So how can you reconcile these two parts of you? One that wants to just be alone and be quiet and feels comfortable doing that, but another that wants to shine a light and share a gift. It is a delicate balance, and it’s important to remember that the “safe and comfortable” part of ourselves can morph into limiting beliefs that keep us from doing anything to help ourselves and to fulfill our purpose in the world!

In this workshop, we will:
- Complete “pre-workshop homework” of a short, unique online self-analysis of our personality types
- Work on a writing reflection about what we love doing, what fuels our souls, and who we long to be in a writing reflection, identifying especially areas we feel excited but scared to explore
- Participate in a guided meditation to identify our hidden potential and see a clear vision of our possible futures, and separate from the fears/doubts/worries that are holding us back
- Outline action steps you plan to take to move closer to what you long to do – a plan!
- Leave with a shift in your beliefs about what you can do, and with a strategy to experiment and explore your newfound potential!

Cost: $55. Sign up here at Willard Beach Studio!


$50 by registering for Rachel's Series of 3 workshops at Willard Beach Studio: 

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