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Higher Guidance and Intuition

There are sources of Divine wisdom out there waiting to assist us in our everyday lives. We often just don’t ask them for help! In this workshop, we will review the various forms of Divine guidance (such as spirit guides and angels!) and how you can begin communicating with them. 

We will talk about how you can develop your intuition to begin receiving messages (through your dreams and in waking life). We will cover how meditation helps open you to receiving guidance, and how you can notice communication and messages from Divine sources in your daily life (in the car, around the house, even at work)!

The workshop will consist of a short talk, a group exercise, a guided meditation and guided written reflections. You will have the opportunity to make contact with your spirit guides or with other Divine guides eager to connect with you! 

Take-home handouts included! 

Sunday, August 27th, 5-6:30 pm at Soma Massage and Wellness. Cost: $45/person. (This is the second in a workshop series of three. $40/person when registering for all three workshops!) Sign up at Soma Massage & Wellness.