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Shine Your Light: Effective Marketing for Holistic Entrepreneurs

If you want to share more of yourself and your business but find yourself reluctant to do so, chances are that there are some fears holding you back! We will help you work through your subconscious beliefs that might be telling you why you “shouldn’t post/email/make a video/write a blog/do anything slightly out of your comfort zone!” It’s those “false stories” that we tell ourselves (usually rooted in a fear) that often keep us from fully shining our light!

We are teaming up to show you how to share your gifts with the world and still stay true to yourself in the world of social media and marketing. Join Christopher Pagli, a marketing mindset expert with Above & Beyond Marketing Strategies, and Rachel Horton White, an intuitive coach with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, for a virtual workshop.

If you’re meant to share your light with the world, then how can you best put your beacon out so people can find you? And share valuable information that spotlights how important your work is to those you’re working with and to the world?

Or maybe you simply have a hard time doing stuff like “marketing, sales and social media plugs.” It can feel like you’re being too pushy, inauthentic, or simply just scary to put yourself out there on a consistent basic. This is all the voice of the Ego Self speaking to you, as opposed to your Higher Self, your soul that wants you to share your gifts with those who need them! 

We want to help you get there. Christopher Pagli, a social media marketing expert, and Rachel Horton White, an intuitive coach with Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting, are excited to share a Free Live and Interactive Q&A Session called “How to Market Your Spiritual Self” with you on Facebook Live. We will be answering your questions that are unique to those in the spiritual/healing realm. Whether you’re a Reiki practitioner, shamanic healer, interfaith chaplain, spiritual coach, psychic/medium, or any other kind of spiritual business person, this live workshop is going to answer some questions that are unique to those of us in this field. 

With Christopher’s social media savvy and being a pretty cool and open-minded guy, and Rachel’s experience of using her intuition and feelings to guide her social media marketing of her spiritual work, you will learn tools you can apply to your business and spiritual practice (because they’re both connected!):

You’ll learn:
- How to use your intuition and your energetic vibration to guide you to doing social media marketing that FEELS good to YOU
- How to work past the fears that may be holding you back from effectively marketing your business
- How to share ideas/insights on social media that people will resonate with and respond to
- How to research your ideal audience and create content that will help and speak to them.
- How to gain more followers and more engagement on social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
- How creative content like videos and articles can elevate your visibility in your field and position you as an authority.
- Social media marketing tips and best practices

And even more importantly…
- How to work past the negative Ego voice that is telling you no to put yourself out there, not to charge what you’re worth for your work, and not to make a career out of your spiritual calling!

This is about you finding a way to put your beacon out in a way that works for you. If you feel like you’re offering genuinely helpful content, then you probably are. If it comes from the heart, then people will pick up on your positive energy and respond to it.

In this virtual workshop, we will lead you through:
- Teachings around aligning your personal vibration and your energy to attract more clients
- A guided meditation on how you’d like to be in your ideal Future Self in your business
- A writing reflection on identifying your fears and any blocks you have to putting yourself out there
- A handout on how to identify and effectively speak to your target audience
- Ideas, tips and action steps for social media marketing and creating content
- A Q&A session responding to what you’re struggling with in your business
- Action steps to take in marketing your business to your audience

It’s time for you to step out of that comfort zone and share your luminous gifts with those that are just waiting to hear from you! Let’s work together on moving past any of the fears or doubts that might be holding you back and some ideas (and tips you might not know about!) that you can get started on right away!

The workshop will be held on Zoom videoconference on:

Tuesday, July 11th from 5:30-7:30 pm. This will be recorded so you can watch whenever you want later!

$30/person. Get a ticket!

Please reach out with any questions! Looking forward to seeing you there!