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Virtual Workshop! Co-Creating Your Life: Breaking Free from Fear

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Many of us know about manifesting (and the law of attraction) but it doesn't always seem to "work." Usually this is because of our own self-limiting beliefs, and sometimes because of our soul purpose and lessons that we have to learn along the way.

In this workshop (it's virtual so can be accessed from anywhere!), we will explore the ideal future we want in our lives by creating a new "vibration" for our ideal selves, through a guided meditation, a writing reflection and a sharing with another person (optional) of a detailed vision of our Future Self. Then, we'll explore what is holding us back from getting there - the subconscious "false story" we might telling ourselves about why it's not possible for us.

Through an intensive writing session (done privately), we will uncover what from our past might have helped to create a block we have in our lives, and begin process of emotionally separating from these limiting beliefs.

During our time together you will:

-       get a picture/impression your potential future by accessing your subconscious and your Higher Self in guided meditation

-       write in detail about your future life vision and how you want to feel, bringing this future self into reality

-       learn about how your vision can become blocked from unfolding in reality (self defeating thoughts!) and what to do about it

-       verbally process what you would like to bring about in your life and what subconscious beliefs be blocking you from getting there

Please note that this workshop is about some deep inner work, and while you can do this privately and just listen to me, you also will be encouraged to share with one other workshop participant. 

$35/person ($25/person for Soulful Work Community members). Tuesday, September 12, 5:30-8 pm EST on Zoom videoconference. Limited space available.