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Free Yourself: Moving What's Stuck with Energy and Oils

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you just couldn’t move beyond some actual limitation or circumstance? We all carry emotional information, often from past experiences, in our chakras. This energy can block us from achieving our goals, from feeling joy and happiness, or from manifesting the kind of life we long to live. Clearing the stuck energy is can free us dramatically from health and life issues in amazing ways! And essential oils serve as an additional tool to retrain old emotional patterns via the brain’s limbic system and the olfactory (smelling) senses; they work beautifully with the chakras.

The seven chakras are centers in our bodies through which energy flows. Chakras hold memories energetically. An imprint of every important or emotionally significant event you have experienced is recorded in our chakras.

Clearing from our chakras past energies which no longer serve us in our lives, from experiences, memories and persistent thoughts or emotions we wish to release, can alleviate physical pain, emotional distress and free us to make the changes we want in your lives. Each chakra works with the organs that surround it, and each has specific energetic / emotional issues they govern.

Balancing your chakras can also enhance your:

• life force / energy (Root Chakra)

• creativity (Sacral/Womb Chakra)

• assertiveness and independence (Solar Plexus Chakra)

• ability to love and to be compassionate (Heart Chakra)

• ability to speak your truth (Throat Chakra)

• ability to transcend your past story (Third Eye Chakra)

• connection to the Universe and your own Spirit (Crown Chakra)

To discover how to clear old emotional information out of your chakras and free yourself from your past, we invite you to join us, Cheryl Horton and Rachel Horton White (we’re not related, believe it or not!) for a workshop, “Free Yourself: Moving What's Stuck with Energyand Oils,“ at Sage Wellness in Portland.

In this class, Cheryl will also take us through a short EFT Tapping session to help us set our intentional breathing before Rachel takes us into a healing Chakra Meditation with colors, light and Archangel energy.

During the meditation, Cheryl provide Certified Pure therapeutic grade essential oils for you apply to your chakras to help release any negative energy you may be carrying in specific areas (oil application is optional!). With all of these tools, you will enhance your connections with your spirit/angelic guides potentially to receive intuitive guidance for your daily life. We will then do a writing reflection on processing the emotions that came up, and shift toward enhancing and creating the feelings and thoughts that we wish to bring more into our lives.

Information about each oil and how it impacts your energy and chakras will be provided, with Cheryl supplying the oils and providing directions for their application.

Sunday, September 10th, 5:30-7:30 pm at Sage Wellness, $45/person. Reserve your spot here!

Who we are:

A vegetarian for 25 years, vegan for 15, and fully raw for the last 5 years. Cheryl Horton is, a Usui Reiki Practitioner and an Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping provider. Cheryl also studied under the national instructor and author Alissa Cohen to become a certified raw food chef and coach through her business, Life in the Raw. Cheryl is now on a mission to share this healthy lifestyle with as many others as possible. With a focus on using food to create health, wellness, weight loss and inner peace, Cheryl shares healthy and delicious recipes and teaches both one and one and in small groups. Cheryl lives in Auburn with her husband and three children.

Rachel Horton White is an intuitive coach, spiritual teacher, angel intuitive and writer. She aims to merge the spiritual with the real world through Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting ( Rachel is also a recovering athlete, pianist, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, Tarot reader and lover of yoga. She claims her true education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal and teaching English in Guadalajara, Mexico and learns every day from her two bright-eyed, energetic children in Portland, Maine. Rachel works with people seeking to transform their lives through their thoughts, energy and higher guidance as part of the massive shift in consciousness in our world now.

Nice stuff people have said about usl:

“Life is a journey, and if you are considering working with Rachel or taking one of her courses you are on the right path. Rachel has compiled a wealth of resources, not to mention her own ability to help you cut through the chatter and get to your core principals. Whether you are looking to make a change in your life in general or your work, the materials and exercises Rachel offers will put you in a space to reinforce your best intentions and bolster your confidence in yourself. It is an investment, and for some a first step, towards contributing to life forces that are trying to help us move to a better place. I highly recommend working with Rachel. She is a wise and caring person, who has taken some brave steps herself. She knows what she is talking about!” – E.B.

“Since working with Cheryl and the oils I've been able to release my limiting beliefs and have made great gains with my health and personal energy.” -  W.P.

“I had a beautiful session with Life In The Raw yesterday and I can't even begin to describe how grounding it was. Together we ate a delicious raw dinner, spent time at the lake. used essential oils to treat our anxieties, made a flower mandala in the sand, and spoke in-depth about understanding emotional trauma and how to positively work through it.It's amazing what even I've been able to manifest the next day as a result. I highly suggest her services if you're looking for more inner peace, career success, and help with curing any ailment.” - H.M.