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By Donation! How to Protect Your Energy: for Sensitive People in a Busy World

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Many of us are noticing how much we are picking up energy from our environment and from others around us these days. Sensitive people especially may be feeling this. It can show up as unexplained sadness or anger that seems to come from nowhere. I have personally seen people become debilitated who are extremely empathic (or clairsentient). If you find yourself becoming exhausted by being around other people, or feeling unexplained emotions that don’t seem to be your own, then this is probably you.

We can learn to better protect, ground and clear ourselves from absorbing the emotions of others around us. 

It can take some discipline to start doing this, but once it’s a habit, it becomes easier. In this workshop, you will learn tools for grounding my energy and clearing anything you want to release including:

-       Protecting yourself with a bubble of golden light and only allowing love to enter there

-       Asking Archangel Michael to help cut any cords of attachment

-       Spending time outdoors, and placing your hands and bare feet on the earth

-       Calling energy back into your crown chakra

-       Taking salt baths to absorb negative energy (this one is particularly effective)

-       And more tools, visualizations and habits!

In this workshop, you will learn practical ways in your everyday life to protect yourself, as well as to clear if you have absorbed lots of energy already. We will:

- Do a guided meditation and powerful visualization (which I use several times a day!)

- Do a writing reflection to set intentions to remember to carry this forward into your life

- Verbally process what you experience in pairs

Take-home handouts with tips and tools provided! 

Wednesday, September 20th, 5:30-7 pm at Sage Wellness, 980 Forest Avenue in Portland. Pay what you can! (Suggested donation is $5-20, whatever feels right to you!). Space is limited so please register in advance here! (You'll note that $20 is the price listed, but you can use coupon codes 15FORME to pay $15, 10FORME to pay $10 and 5FORME to pay $5.)