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Journey to the High-Vibration Angelic Realms

Sound allows us to calm our minds and turn inwards with a potency that, for many, no other medium seems to have. This internal depth allows us access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and allows for access to different aspects of ourselves that are less bound by the beliefs that we've formed. When we can get past the part of our mind where our beliefs about this world form our experience of this world, we access other parts of ourselves that are unbound by these belief systems.

We are each powerful creators. In the right state of mind, we each have the ability to take away our own pain, to reduce our stress levels, to heal ourselves physically and emotionally, to intuitively access information about ourselves and the world, to journey to other realms, and countless other extra-ordinary benefits. Sound is a vehicle that has been used for accessing these non-ordinary states of consciousness by many peoples for many millennia.

In this workshop, you will experience a sound journey to the angelic realm, a place of the highest vibration and highest love with crystal singing bowls and voice of Ben Carroll. You will then be led through a guided meditation by Rachel Horton White to meet an archangel that wants to connect with you, and that may already be with you now in your life. You will enjoy the pure, healing light and love, which can be overwhelming and produce an emotional release, by being immersed in the vibration of sound and of light.

After the meditation and sound journey, you will have the opportunity to do some intuitive writing, channeling any additional information or guidance given to you by an angelic being. You will then be invited to share what you experienced with a partner, setting an intention if you like as to how you would like to continue connecting with the angelic realm in your everyday life.

Join us for:

  • a sound journey to heal and uplift your soul
  • a guided meditation to meet an archangel
  • an intuitive writing experience to channel information from the angelic realm

And you'll leave with:

  • a cleansing and healing of your body, mind and soul
  • a connection with a Divine and healing source
  • possible information about your soul purpose and steps to take in your life to get there
  • practical tools to carry you forward in your everyday life

This will be a powerful experience you may remember for the rest of your life. It can be quite moving and emotional! Please bring a pen, a journal or paper and a hard surface (like a book) to write on. Please also remember to bring whatever you will be comfortable lying down on for an extended period of time such as: pillows, a blanket, a yoga mat, and/or cushions. Some people also benefit from a bolster under their knees to prevent strain on the lower back. (If you prefer to sit up, chairs will be available.) You'll want to be as relaxed as possible during this sonic experience.

We will gather on Sunday, January 21st from 3-5 pm at the Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Avenue in Portland.  Please register in advance. Early Bird tickets for $40/person (use the coupon code EARLY for a limited time)! Regular pricing: $45/person. ($35/person for Soulful Work Community members).