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Activate Your Intuition: How to Reconnect with the Divine


We were all born with the innate ability to transcend our five senses and tap into a realm beyond that which we can see: the realm of spirit. Due to societal conditioning over the years, most adults are not as naturally intuitive as we once were as children. Many of us have lost the ability, or have been taught to fear it, to connect with something beyond ourselves, with the pure love and compassion that exists for us from a team of guides and angels connected to the Divine.

The good news is that we can learn to re-activate our intuition, or our third eye chakra. In this workshop you will learn tips on how to do this, such as through meditation, working with light, and simply just asking and opening.

Together we will:

-       Learn about things you can do in small, everyday moments to open your third eye (your intuition)

-       Participate in a guided meditation to meet a Divine guide waiting to connect with you

-       Do an intuitive writing exercise channeling information from your Higher Self and your guides/angels

-       Share in pairs what you experience to verbally process how you are expanding and what you seek

You will leave with an opening to realm of love and light that may uplift your life for months to come. After connecting directly with the Divine, you learn tools on how to maintain that connection in your waking life.

Sunday, January 28th, 2018, 3-5 pm at Presence of Mind Studio in Portland, Maine. This is the second workshop in a series of three designed to help you manifest the life that is for your highest soul purpose. It is recommended that you attend all three workshops to get the maximum benefits. $35/person when you sign up for all three workshops ($40/person for each individual workshop). Please sign up in advance here!

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