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The Great Expansion: At One with All That Is

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There is something magical happening right now. Many of us are awakening to the understanding that we are so much more than we have been taught. 

We are all linked, more intimately connected than we may realize. We are powerful as healers, as creators, as beings of light.

The energies of the Earth are shifting. We are receiving frequencies from beyond our planet that are activating our DNA. Like a radio antenna that was broken in two, we are piecing that antenna back together to receive light, which is information. Through meditation, we are re-wiring our brains to learn to listen to, and trust our inner guidance, our intuition, our spirit guides, angels, masters, teachers, loved ones, Source/Spirit/God.

What does this massive shift in consciousness mean in our individual lives? How can we come to terms with what is happening?

I am honored to be giving a sermon as a guest at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, at 425 Congress Street in Portland, Maine.

You are also invited to attend this talk (it's free of course) as part of the service on this unique Sunday. There will also be music played by Chris Kemp White (my husband) and a time for children.

Hope to see you there!


Later Event: February 26
Free Morning Meditation