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Meet An Ascended Master Workshop

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There are many sources of guidance and support out there that want to help us, all connected to Divine Source Energy. Angels, spirit guides, power animals are among some of the most powerful. As humans who once walked this Earth, Ascended Masters are also loving beings who have deep messages of love and healing for us. Ascended Masters are master spiritual teachers who are enlightened, which means they have ascended beyond the limitations of their egos, and generally no longer incarnate in human bodies.

They have pure love and wisdom to share with us now, especially as we expand in our consciousness and grow stronger in our vibrations. Wise ones such as Confucius, Yogananda, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Gandhi and Mother Teresa also can be accessed as Ascended Masters.

In this workshop, you will learn how to raise your vibration to clearly see, hear, feel and know messages from Spirit, and to access the energy of an Ascended Master that wants to connect with you. You will be guided through a meditation specifically designed to help you receive and hear information this loving being has for you. You will have a chance to write down and share in pairs what you experienced, and to come up with a plan for continuing to connect with these Divine beings.

The love, healing and gentle guidance from these wise teachers is here for us now. It is just a matter of opening our hearts and minds to receive the Divine messages they want to share with us. These new vibration are ones that we can all tap into now on Earth, in fact this unconditional love is here with us already!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 6-8 pm at Sage Wellness Therapeutic Bodywork. $40/person, ($35 for Soulful Work Community members).

Please register in advance here, as space is limited!