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Move Your Body, Return to Light

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The universe doesn’t hear what you are saying. It feels the vibration you are offering.” – Abraham Hicks

Many of us are feeling a shift in the world right now and a shift within ourselves. Many of us are awakening to the understanding that we are so much more than we have been taught. We are noticing when things feel right, when we feel expansive, when we feel our light.

We are all linked, more intimately connected than we may realize. We may be delving into our true selves, working to raise our vibration, and return to our own light.

The energies of the Earth are shifting, too. We are receiving energy (frequencies, messages, vibrations) from beyond our planet that are activating our DNA. Like a radio antenna that was broken in two, we are piecing that antenna back together to receive light, which is information. Through meditation, movement, and creative endeavors, we are re-wiring our brains to learn to listen to, and trust our inner guidance, our intuition, our spirit guides, teachers, loved ones, and creative Source (Spirit, God, Universe).

Returning to your light is not always easy; we are looking for new ways of interacting with the world (and the people in it), and with ourselves. In many ways, it can feel like we are grieving as we become more awakened. Feelings such as anger, sadness, loneliness, and calm may rise to the surface in ebbs and flows.

This workshop will delve into tools you can use through this shift. We will:
- Move our bodies, recognizing how emotions can be expressed through these movements
- Experience a guided meditation to identify emotions (and ego) in the body and transform that emotion into higher vibrations of hope & light.
- Create through writing reflection and sharing in pairs

Join Anne Davis, co-owner of Magnolia, and Rachel Horton White of Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting in this transformative workshop

Sunday, March 18th from 3-5 pm. At Magnolia, 332 Forest Ave, Portland, Maine. Located in the back parking lots of the old Pier 1 building across the street from USM's Glickman Library.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing for yoga and bring a pen and journal/paper!

$30 per person.

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