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What's Happening To Our Souls? A Free Online Class

Why do so many of us feel like things are shifting so dramatically in our lives? Like we are changing and becoming almost a different person? How is it that we now are starting to view our reality as different than we once thought it was? What is happening to us? 

We are picking up on energetic frequencies around Earth that are causing us to evolve in our consciousness, to become the spiritual beings that we truly are. This has been predicted for years, and it is happening now. We are living in a great shift in consciousness. It is a glorious and exciting time to be alive, but it can also feel scary as we shed the layers of Ego (of our former, scattered, worried, negative selves) and come into feeling the light and healing in our bodies.

It can also feel lonely as you awaken to the true nature of the world. We can't always talk to people in our lives for fear they will think we are crazy, weird or worse.

Join us for a free online class on Thursday, April 26th from 7-8 pm EST.

You will learn more about the process of spiritual awakening and the paradigm shift that is happening on Earth. Rachel Horton White will share her own personal experience with going through this process (which can feel like the process of grief!), and offer some tools and ideas to help others navigate these uncharted waters.

In this class we will:
- enjoy a light expansion guided meditation
- get some tips and handouts to download on how raise your vibration and manage spiritual awakening in your life
- ask questions and learn together

You will also learn about ways to connect with others like you, to make new friends in a safe space to share what is truly happening to you and what you're feeling.

Save a spot for yourself at the link here and see you there!