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Clearing the Blocks to Your Manifestations

Clearing the Blocks.png

Do you feel frustrated by the law of attraction? That it doesn’t seem to “work” or maybe isn’t real? I believe that it is very real, it’s just that we often block what we seek at a deep, subconscious level with pre-existing beliefs, often instilled in us at a young age. It can take a lot of re-programming of our thoughts and “false stories,” and establishing new brain patterns for new beliefs and thoughts to create a new vibration.

In this workshop, we will explore how the law of resonance works, and how our limiting beliefs can flatten our vibration. We will go deep into the layers of subconscious stories we all carry, beginning the process of first identifying and then separating from them through 1) meditation, 2) visualization and 3) writing.

Together we will:

-       Learn how to identify the negative thoughts that could be blocking us

-       Do a guided visualization into the subconscious to release limiting beliefs that may be affecting us

-       Write through a guided reflection to begin separating from the “hidden stories” and creating new stories aligned with your highest soul purpose!

-       Bring practical tips on how to raise our vibration, and tap into higher guidance, to align with our future self into everyday moments

After this workshop, you will likely notice a shift in your approach. Keep meditating, trusting and expanding and you may find your manifestations unfold without even noticing!

Sunday, March 4th, 2018, 3-5 pm at Presence of Mind Studio in Portland, Maine, 142 State Street, Suite 531 (5th floor). This is the third workshop in a series of three designed to help you manifest the life that is for your highest soul purpose. It is recommended that you attend all three workshops to get the maximum benefits. $35/person when you sign up for all three workshops ($40/person for each individual workshop). If cost is a concern, please contact Rachel at and explain the nature of your situation as sliding scale options are available.  Please sign up in advance here!