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Create New Habits, Behaviors and Beliefs: A Guided Imagery and Neuro-linguistic Programming Workshop (In-Person and Virtual)

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We all have tried setting goals, making resolutions and creating new habits. Why does it seem so difficult to stick to them?

This is because we are only dealing with the conscious mind. We can set all the goals in the world, but if our subconscious mind presents with any resistance, blocks or pre-existing doubts, then none of our efforts will have lasting effects.

It is when we access the subconscious mind that we can begin to break down old habits and create new ones. And there are several powerful ways to do this: with guided imagery and neuro-linguistic programming.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an incredible way to implant new thoughts and transform behaviors. Through visualization and creating new associations, the techniques in NLP can be life-changing when used consistently. We can learn to re-program our behavior by creating a new visualization associated with a positive habit/behavior replacing a negative one.

In this workshop, called "Creating New Habits, Behaviors and Beliefs: A Guided Imagery and Neuro-linguistic Programming Workshop," you will be guided through several Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and through a guided progressive relaxation exercise using detailed imagery to help you imagine moving through your life with joy, abundance, success and ease.

The guided imagery exercise first will uncover any subconscious blocks you may be holding. We will then repeat the exercise replacing the blocks with positive, hopeful images - creating new associations in your subconscious.

You will then learn, and experience, two NLP exercises to help you consciously release a negative habit/behavior and bring about a new one through a specific visualization and using an external trigger.

You will have a chance to write about what you experienced and share in pairs with another person (optional). You will also receive handouts to take home describing how you can continue to apply these techniques to your daily life, creating lasting and potentially deep change.

Come prepared with a goal or a desired behavior/habit change you seek. This should be a goal over which you have control (you can take action steps to reach). If you have several goals, just choose the one that is speaking to you most today.

To re-cap, in this workshop you will:

  • Experience two guided imagery exercises to create new associations
  • Learn and practice two Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to use anytime
  • Do a short writing reflection
  • Share in pairs (optional– people joining virtually will be able to do this as well!)

This workshop can be accessed virtually as well – it will be live-streamed!

Thursday, May 10th, 5:30-7:30 pm. 

In-person at Sage Wellness Therapeutic Bodywork, 980 Forest Avenue, Suite 204, in Portland, Maine. Log in virtually on Zoom videoconference.

$25/person. Sliding scale discounts available for those experiencing financial difficulty.

Please register here for the virtual live-stream (and to receive log-in details).

Can't wait - see you then!