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The Soulful Work Community Monthly Gathering (In-Person and Live-Streamed)

Many of us are rapidly expanding our consciousness and awakening to who we really are, as spiritual beings living in a great shifting on Earth. It is a liberating and amazing experience, but it can also be a lonely one, especially if not everyone in your life understands what you are experiencing.

You are invited to check out the Soulful Work Community, a monthly gathering of like-minded people on a path to consciousness expansion and spiritual growth. You are not alone on your journey, and we are here to support each other, and learn and grow together.

The theme of this month’s gathering is on Creativity and Soul Expression will be on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 6-7:30 pm, at Presence of Mind Studio this month! Presence of Mind is located at Suite 531, 142 High Street in Portland. (If you take the stairs, you must switch staircases at the 2nd floor). Our special guest Larissa Davis of Soul Path Art, will be helping us express our souls through creative expression of art! You DO NOT have to be an artist to come. In fact it's better if you aren't!

Larissa Davis is an artist, Certified Creatively Fit Coach, motivational speaker, and workshop and retreat facilitator who shares creative tools to connect you to your inner guidance, rise above resistance, discover your passion, and transform your life.

Drop-In Rate (Non-Members):  $30/person for in-person attendees, $10/person for virtual attendees. Please register in advance here to save your spot. Or, attend for free with Soulful Work Community membership (details below).


Become a Soulful Work Community Member!

We meet twice a month total (once in-person, once virtually for a guided meditation). . Each gathering revolves around learning together about various healing modalities (including guest presenters), meditation and practicing our own healing/intuitive gifts with each other! You also have access to an online platform with new tools, meditations, videos and more added each month for members.

Member benefits include:

  • Kinship and support from your new friends/members who likely resonate with what you're experiencing

  • Live guided meditations each month of 20-30 minutes in length on themes like light expansion, guardian angels, shedding Ego layers

  • Videos from me - on topics like processing negative emotions, accessing your intuition or raising our collective vibration

  • New interviews on my podcast, The Courageous Path, of people doing inspiring and brave work in their own lives

  • Written tools and handouts to help work through layers of Ego, work through negative emotions, connect with higher guidance

  • A private Facebook community to share ideas, get support from and make new friends with other like-minded souls

  • Discounts to other offerings of mine (live/virtual workshops and online courses)

To Join and Learn More:

  • Virtual Only*: a live virtual guided meditation  live-streamed participation in the in-person Gatherings. $10 per month.

  • In-Person and Virtual: a gathering and a virtual guided meditation each month. $20 per month.

I look forward to seeing you! As part of our new age of connection to our spiritual selves, to the Earth and to each other in an energetic web of life, we must come together as expanding souls. May we be led forth with light, love and so much joy!