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Free Virtual Workshop: Your Past Lives

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Have you wondered who you were in a past life? Do you have unexplained fears, phobias or other issues that cannot be explained? Chances are these are from past lives.

I have connected with 5-6 different lifetimes of my own in my Akashic Records and in hypnosis, and these have stayed with me in my conscious mind, helping me move past previous fears and heal.

By entering into an altered state of high-vibrational consciousness (and through our mere intention!), we can visit past lives, as well as in-between lives (in the realm of Spirit) that hold valuable information that can help us in our current lifetimes.

Visiting a past life can show us patterns we have subconsciously fallen into and help us recognize and begin releasing these patterns in waking life.

By learning about a past life, you may:

  • learn about the source of a fear, phobia or negative pattern in your life

  • meet people who are currently in your life

  • heal and release fears, phobias and negative patterns by learning about the source of them

  • experience a past death and go to “the light” of the Spirit realm

  • meet deceased loved ones and guides in your time “in-between” lifetimes for soul guidance

In this free virtual workshop, you will learn about past lives, the Akashic Records (where our past lives are held) and how you can access a past life of your own.

For those who are new accessing altered states of consciousness, there is no guarantee that you will experience a past life. Past life regression sessions are most effective when done individually in a private session, but group sessions can also help to introduce you to a past life. Experiences will vary!

 Together, we will:

  • learn about past lives and the Akashic Records

  • glimpse into a past life of your own

  • write about your experience

  • share with others (optional)

Past lives can bring about deep healing in your waking life. Somehow, the simple awareness that a current, unexplained issue is from a past life (and that it’s not “your fault”) can release pain and suffering. You will likely notice a positive shift in your life after experiencing a particular lifetime!

Feel free to contact me (Rachel) with any questions.

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 from 7-8 pm on Zoom videoconference. Please register in advance here.

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